Salman Khan files defamation lawsuit against KRK over 'Radhe' review

Salman's lawyers are claiming the lawsuit is not against the critic's review, but against accusations of corruption

Entertainment Desk May 28, 2021

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan filed a defamation suit in a Mumbai court against actor Kamaal R Khan over his review of Radhe, reported The Indian Express.

A legal notice with regards to Salman’s complaint was sent to Kamaal on Monday. Through a statement on Thursday, Salman’s lawyers claimed the suit was not in reaction to Kamaal’s review, but against the allegations of corruption and money laundering posed against Salman, according to The Hindustan Times.

Advocates for Salman and Salman Khan Ventures, DSK Legal also said in their statement, "Mr. Kamaal R Khan, the defendant, has put out a series of tweets and videos alleging that Mr. Salman Khan has sued him for defamation because the defendant reviewed the film, Radhe. This is incorrect. The suit has been filed as the defendant has been publishing and endorsing defamatory allegations, including that Mr. Salman Khan is corrupt, that he and his brand Being Human are involved in fraud, manipulation and money laundering transactions, that he and Salman Khan Films are dacoits."

But Kamaal discredited there claims with a picture of the petition asking, "This is the petition. Is this not about #Radhe review? #DSK lawyers are good liars!"

KRK has also said that now, he will continue reviewing Salman's films even if he begs him not to. “Now if this man even requests me, or even touches my feet, I will review his films,” wrote Kamaal. He also mentioned how Salman had no issues with other negative reviews of his film that exist online. "You all can see hundreds of bad reviews of #Radhe on YouTube but Salman doesn’t have any problem with anyone except #TheBrandKRK! This is proof that #DRKRK is The No.1 Critic in the history of Bollywood,” he went on.

Earlier, Kamaal had acknowledged the defamation suit in a tweet saying, “Dear Salman, this defamation case is a proof of your despair. I am only doing my job by giving my review of your film to my followers. You should make better films instead of stopping me from reviewing them. I will continue to keep fighting, thank you for the case.”

The next day, he tweeted, “I have said this so many times that I will never review films of any producer or actor if they tell me not to. [But if] Salman Khan filed a defamation case against me; it means he is getting affected by my review a bit too much. Hence I won’t review his films anymore. My last video is releasing today.”

In a follow-up thread, Kamaal went on to assert that since he has taken this decision to no longer review Salman’s films, no case should be filed against him. Addressing Salman’s father, Kamaal wrote, “Salim Sir, I am not here to hurt anyone. So I won’t review his films in the future. Please ask him to not proceed with the case. I will delete my review videos also if you want. Thank you!” He even went on to assure the superstar’s father that he is not here to destroy his [Salman's] career and only reviewed Radhe “for fun”.

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