Nadia Hussain is calling out Nabila for calling her out

Former supermodel caused ruckus on social media after she shared a screenshot of a personal chat with the makeup guru

Rida Lodhi May 24, 2021


Former supermodel Nadia Hussain caused a ruckus on social media after she shared a screenshot of a personal chat with the renowned makeup guru Nabila.

Nadia recently launched a new product - a makeup palette - for her makeup line; it is an all-in-one product that can be used for a last-minute touch-up, giving seemingly flawless skin.

When the ace stylist got to know about Nadia's latest product, she went on to message the latter, saying, "Don't you have a brain of your own?" Nabila was referring to how Hussain’s product is similar to what Nabila already offers.

How do we know this? Hussain shared a screenshot of their private conversation on Instagram.

The model then went on to reply, "Firstly, it's not your copyright item. Secondly, it's a totally different product anyway." She added, "You [Nabila] are a brand on your own. Why should it bother you?. No need to be insecure."

But that wasn't it. Nadia accompanied the screenshot with a fuming caption. "This is truly what being insecure means!" the model shared, adding, "I am just shocked, speechless, appalled, confused, and yet feel victorious at the same time! For someone of Nabila's repute, to stoop to so low and send me such an underhanded message on the launch of my product is just beyond me! I cannot tag her because she has blocked me."

"I have attached a quick scroll through of my conversations with her since 2019 for people to know that yes it was her who sent me that ridiculous message, and also a screenshot of a few digits from her phone number for those who know her personally so no one can say these images are doctored or that it was sent from someone else's number whose name I had changed to her’s!"

When approached to speak on the matter, Nabila laughed. "Never a dull moment in my life, right?" she told The Express Tribune. "The makeup palette was a concept that was developed in my bag. This product was in the making for fifteen years before it hit the stores. After extensive research and development its made is Germany with the finest ingredients ."

Talking about the screenshot of a personal message Nadia shared, the stylist said she came to know about it through a friend who sent it as a joke - meaning how her palette seemed like a blatant copy of her product.

“I refuse to engage with her or stoop to her level, she has been known for going to any extent and using attention seeking gimmicks for professional gains. Having said that, I do feel tickled as imitation is a form of flattery! ”

Talking about the same, Nadia shared how Nabila's claim owning such palettes is completely false.

"I launched my product two days ago and hers has been in the market for over five years now," the supermodel told the publication. "Is this her copyrighted product? I don't think so. So many major brands have similar palettes like these. This isn't the first of its kind. She has to be kidding when she claims that it was her brainchild. It's not her idea."

Comparing the two makeup palettes, Nadia shared there are different in their entirety. "Hers is a very basic product which would help with minimal makeup. Mine has contour, eye shadow, a highlighter," she added. "She [Nabila] could have ignored it altogether, but she chose to be bitter about it. I took offence when she messaged me like that and I took more offence when she blocked me. Nabila has been around for so long. She's a mentor, so many people look up to her. This wasn't the way to go about it."

Nadia further added, "If tomorrow, I decide to launch a perfume line, does that mean I am copying someone again? That's ridiculous. Nabila has to understand that she can't behave like this. She can't intimidate people. She certainly cannot intimidate me."

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