Ayesha Omar speaks up against students disrespecting Shafqat Mahmood

The actor calls for increased parental supervision of teenage internet usage

Entertainment Desk April 30, 2021

With the recent Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) exam fiasco, a storm of harsh tweets directed at Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood surfaced on Twitter. Most demanded a rightful cancellation of exams due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with celebrities and politicians chiming in to show their support too. However, some students crossed the line, throwing insults and expletives at Mahmood. The latter then responded to the barrage of tweets during a television appearance, expressing disappointment at the language used by certain teenagers rallying for the cancellation of exams.

And, he’s not alone. Actor and host Ayesha Omar took to Twitter and Instagram to address the issue, expressing her disappointment at the students’ shameful behaviour. She shared in an Instagram story, “It's shameful. Is this the kind of nation we are raising? So much disrespect for others and elders. Criticism or differences should not lead to disrespect. Just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean you have to be derogatory and demeaning. We really need to rethink and reflect on a lot of things.”

She went on to add that she believes it may be time for some adult supervision when it comes to internet use among teenagers. She said, “Maybe parents need to monitor internet use. Without being overly strict of controlling. With love and openness. To set the right examples.” The actor later tweeted about the issue as well, this time addressing the students directly. She said, “Dear Students. Criticism and difference of opinion does NOT mean one needs to be disrespectful. We can get our point across with respect. Let’s try to regulate and stabilise our emotions in stressful situations. It’s better for us and others. Positive manifestations also help.”  

The education minister announced earlier this week that no exams will be taking place until June 15. The decision came after widespread protests by students for the cancellation of scheduled exams and the blatant violation of SOPs observed during a scheduled CAIE.


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Naeem Khan | 1 week ago | Reply

I agree with Ms.Omar one should have the right to disagree and free speech but there are limits to free speech. One can not yell fire in the movie theater or any other gatherings. When a person uses foul language to get his or her point across it shows their lack of ability to convey their argument and they speak from a weaker intellect. I hate to say this but it does reflect on the parenting although they may be educated people. My advice as a grandparent to the parents will be to sit down with the kids and reprimand their despicable behavior.

Babar | 1 week ago | Reply

Why people fail to understand......the minister is just a puppet. Orders come from top. Exams should be taken but any student affected with covid during this period...treatment should be given privately on government expense.t

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