The Benefits of Silk Bedding

Give your skin some TLC with silk bedding

April 27, 2021

The advice to sleep on silk bedding has been around for a while. While some have adopted this in their sleep routine, many are still unsure of how sleeping on silk fabric is beneficial. Those who get their good night rest’s on silk bedding claim that silk helps your skin, hair and sleep. We’ve all heard claims that sound too good to be true; it fights frizz, prevents wrinkles and so on.

Below are a few ways that silk can turn a regular night’s rest into literal beauty sleep.

Silk can help to prevent wrinkles

While silk is still considered the epitome of luxury the fabric itself shouldn’t and cannot replace the use of daily sunscreen and good skincare regimen. But when you sleep on a regular pillowcase it can create friction with skin and potentially cause skin to crease and overtime those creases can turn into proper wrinkles. With silk, the material is soft and smooth that the face glides over and doesn’t create friction with the silk fabric.

Silk is ideal for anti-ageing

The friction with cotton sheets can be harsh on older skins or thinner skin texture. That means nobody is safe because the skin around your eyes tends to be thinner and more vulnerable than other areas of your face. A silk eye mask can provide added protection and reduce ageing signs caused by cotton sheets especially if you tend to flip from side to side a lot in the night. When you put on eye cream before bed, an eye mask helps keep it in place.

Silk helps skin stay hydrated

Our skin needs all the moisture it can get. Especially during colder months when our skin becomes dry due to harsh and dry air. The silk fabric is smooth which means the slippery texture of silk is less likely to absorb moisture as your skin stays pressed up against it. If you compare silk to cotton, which is more porous and absorbent by nature, it may actually pull hydration from your skin.

Silk is less likely to irritate sensitive or acne-prone skin

Any type of friction against your skin especially when you’re sleeping is harmful. If you have sensitive skin which tends to easily swell or have any allergies, cotton sheets might make them worse. Silk bedding whether it’s just a pillowcase or a full sheet set allows your skin to glide and gently slip across the fabric as you move, reducing the chance of irritation. Friction can also aggravate worse, so a silk pillowcase is a smart choice, as is a silk face mask.

Now that we’re all wearing masks, ‘maskne’ is a real issue for some people. Silk is much gentler against skin. If you want or need the added protection of a surgical- or medical-type mask try wearing a silk one underneath.

Silk protects your hair’s health and style

Those who sleep on cotton bedding usually witness brittle and dried out hair. Whereas silk helps in keeping the moisture in skin and hair intact. Aside from not robbing hair of its moisture, silk also allows strands to slip and slide across your pillow friction-free. Hair that rubs against a rougher surface, like cotton, will cause the strands’ outer layers to fray. Moisture can then escape, hair will tangle more easily and light won’t reflect off strands as evenly, which reduces the hair’s shine!


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