A woman's body belongs to her: Nadia Jamil

Actor reinstated how rapes occur when women are looked upon as sexual objects

Entertainment Desk April 07, 2021

Actor Nadia Jamil, who recently recovered from cancer, has been quite active on social media since her treatment.

She often posts about her everyday activities and her newly-found love for living. And amid appreciating life, she also comments on ongoing social issues. Most recently, the actor took to Twitter to comment on the ongoing debate around rape and the causes attached to it and other, similar societal evils.

"Toxic unsafe dangerous masculinity is self entitled. Rapes, ogles, disrespect is meant to impose an ownership over women. Seeing women as sexual objects, is violent and abusive.There is also a deeply nurturing, poetic, beautiful masculinity that  strengthens, progresses and empowers. Choose."

In another tweet she added, “A woman's body belongs to her. Our bodies are sensitive and often women themselves are not given the mental freedom to understand how amazing and intricate their bodies are.” Jamil went on to write, “No man has the right to force himself upon you. If you feel unheard, unseen, trapped and disrespected, find support.”

Jamil then hoped the state aims to focus on the wellbeing of its people, prioritises children, stands against corruption, abuse of power and stands for an egalitarian society where all life is respected. She concluded by reinstating how the state should focus on making Pakistan a place where men and women do not compete in strength, and focus on becoming each other’s strength.

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