A year to Doha accord - Afghan Taliban urge US to ‘honour end of bargain’

Say Emirate significantly reduced operations in line with agreement, but ‘other side has not fulfilled obligations’

News Desk February 28, 2021
A Taliban delegation holds a press conference after a meeting with Zamir Kabulov. PHOTO: AFP


In a statement issued on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Doha Agreement's signing, the Afghan Taliban called upon the United States on Sunday to honour its promises made in the peace agreement.

"This agreement is a historic accord between the people of Afghanistan and the people of America because it is aimed at ending the twenty-year imposed war. We congratulate everyone specifically our beloved compatriots and valiant Mujahideen on the first anniversary of this momentous agreement." the statement read.

"The Islamic Emirate is committed on its part to all contents of the agreement and views its implementation the sole effective tool for resolving the Afghan issue and establishing peace, that shall be realized under the shade of an Islamic system," the Taliban further maintained.

The group further stated that, "The Emirate also calls on the other party to the agreement (United States of America) to honor its own commitments towards security and stability in Afghanistan by implementing all parts of the agreement."

The Afghan Taliban maintained that the Emirate has significantly reduced the level of operations in line with the Doha agreement. "No operations have targeted major military and intelligence centers, martyrdom operations have seized, provinces have not been overrun, provincial capitals have not been attacked, district centers have not been targeted, and this is known and clear to everyone," it maintained.

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However, the group noted, the other side has not fulfilled its obligations in this regard as bombardments, drone strikes, raids and offensive operations that were all prohibited on the basis of the agreement are still continuing, which is mostly causing civilian harm and increasing the levels of violence.

Moreover, some circles with their interests tied to foreign actors have recently launched a wave of targeted attacks especially against civilians with the aim of showing the situation as teetering on the brink of a crisis, and to create excuses for the continuation of occupation and war, the Taliban maintained.

"The United States of America itself committed in the agreement that in fourteen months following this date, they will withdraw all their military personnel along with those of their allies and coalition as well as all non-diplomatic civilian personnel, private contractors, trainers, advisors and service providers."

On the other side, they added, the Islamic Emirate committed itself to not allow anyone to use the soil of Afghanistan to threaten the security of the United States of America and its allies.

The organisation noted that the release of prisoners and launch of intra-Afghan dialogue served as positive momentum towards finding a resolution to the Afghan issue and for bringing peace and prosperity to the people.

"The release of remaining prisoners and end of blacklists are part of the agreement that have yet to be implemented. Practical steps must by undertaken to expedite the ongoing intra-Afghan dialogue process. The implementation of the agreement must be utilized to improve the situation and pushing it in the wrong direction must be avoided."

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Taliban said the Doha agreement had created a practical framework for bringing peace and security to Afghanistan. "If any other pathway is pursued as a replacement, then it is already doomed to failure," the group maintained.

"The agreement is still moving in a positive direction, the results of which shall be beneficial for all parties. In line with this agreement, a large part of foreign forces specifically American forces have withdrawn from our country, while the rest must also withdraw within the specified date," the statement read.

Finally, the organisation stressed that the State of Qatar, Security Council along with other countries and international observers that participated in the signing ceremony have an obligation in the complete implementation of the agreement that must be fulfilled.

On February 29, 2020, the US signed a landmark deal with the Taliban, laying out a timetable for a full troop withdrawal from Afghanistan within 14 months as it sough an exit from its longest war.


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Innocent people are drying everyday in Afghanistan. This is one week ago. Two explosions in Afghanistan kill at least three What peace are you talking about. Do you think killing innocent people who are shopping in the markets or staying in hotels is peace or is legal ethically or from an Islamic perspective Its a shame that Taliban first destroyed Afghanistan and they tried to destroy Pakistan also. But thankfully our armed forces kicked them out of Pakistan

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