'Conversation with Kanwal’ latest episode stirs controversy

Episode three focused on sex education for masses

Entertainment Desk February 20, 2021

Conversations with Kanwal (CWK) is a digital talk show hosted by the founder of Soul Sisters Pakistan, Kanwal Ahmed. The show earned its spot as the first two seasons focused on the battles faced by women in a desi society. The show has always focused on issues such as bullying, abuse, infidelity faced by female guests who were unable to speak up against certain them earlier.

The third season was highly requested by people who have been eager for the host to cover more social issues such as child marriages, sexual abuse and sex education. The third episode focused on a woman who had undergone a process known as wall prolapse, during her intimate time with her husband.

“My first night married was more tiring than exciting,” began Maryam in the episode about a lack of knowledge of one’s own body. “In my case, romance and comfort was there to build a connection as my husband is very understanding. But whenever we indulged with expressing our feelings with physical activities, I would undergo severe pain.”

Maryam said the pain and trauma became disturbing over the period of time, which discouraged her from getting intimate with her husband. “This landed me in a lot of trouble. It began when I told my mother who I expected would help me find the cause. Instead, I was given that ‘disapproving look’ even from the doctor where I was being checked. A medical professional like the gynecologist told my mother that if I were her daughter, she would slap me across the face for behaving this way.”

She continued, “My friends and family were super unsupportive in this time and w nobody would let their kids near me, thinking I’m the cursed child-bearer. Fast-forward to when I came to UAE with my husband, I made a friend who then took me to a doctor and we found out that I had tight hymen tissues which, if forced against, could result in a ruptured uterus or immediate death.”

Maryam then elaborated that her husband’s support got her through a surgery that women must consider if they face similar issues. Lastly she added, “At this point, I really wish I had knowledge, information and guidance on how to deal with it. I don’t blame my mother for not knowing because just like myself, she didn’t have the knowledge to understand what I was going through and if such things existed.”

The revealing episode has taken internet by storm, with many lauding Kanwal and Maryam for daring to talk about something so taboo. On the other hand, a few took the episode as being “too vulgar.” The comments section of the digital show was filled with negative responses which have now been deleted.


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