Bromance of the big boys

Best friends, actors Faysal Quraishi and Aijaz Aslam grace latest episode of ‘Time Out with Ahsan Khan’

Entertainment Desk February 01, 2021


This week, Time Out with Ahsan Khan hosted two friends and showbiz stars, namely Faysal Qureshi and Aijaz Aslam. The on and off-screen besties are known for their remarkable acting skills and these days, can be seen in the drama serial Log Kya Kahenge.

Khan introduced the dynamic duo with reference to their friendship of seven years, in a competitive industry known for not-so-real friends. While the field of showbiz may promote exposure, it is marred by intense competition in both good and bad ways. This can, sometimes, push away friends or bring them even closer. “We met on the set of a telefilm. Faysal had come from Lahore, lost in his own world, while our director had no idea about continuity. It’s then when we became friends,” recalled Aslam. “If I were to add when we actually became friends, it would be 2008 – while we were doing Main Aur Tum.

Khan then questioned Aslam about his recent foray into beauty industry. “I have always been into natural ingredients and always advertised them to everyone who asked me about my fitness and skincare regime,” the actor replied. “The purpose behind the line is to be chemical-free and as organic it can be. It is to promote local products of good quality being produced within Pakistan. Currently, it focuses on skincare but later, you will see a clothing line and food supplements, etc.”

Quraishi joked about how Aslam can create anything out of a lemon too, if that’s the given ingredient. Khan thereby asked Qureshi about his work and family life balance. “You always have to take out time for family because you see, if we start working the way we do in this industry, then taking out time even for yourself would be impossible,” the latter explained. “The second thing we must practice as an actor is time management. I’ve always seen the senior actors and learnt from them. I’ve heard them complain and had some of my own. Even if it’s your ‘me’ time on a Sunday, take your kids along, make them a part of the event, celebration and what not. Covid-19 taught me a lot about family as I got to spend time with my son Farmaan and I adored every moment of it.”

Aslam, on the other hand, had a varied view. “It’s a matter of privacy and preference. Once my family came to a show and ever since then, they do not like the limelight as much. It’s their personal choice to make; their privacy they wish to maintain.”


All three stars, however, agreed that things are different in the time of social media. “It’s your personal choice how you like to utilise social media. There are some people who over-do it and then, there are some who only use it to display their work,” said Aslam about the new trend of flaunting anything and everything online. He added, “It’s not necessary that someone with high following is a great actor or performer or even a better human being. But obviously, following a trend and adjusting to that is a separate business on its own.”

Quraishi highlighted the pros and cons of online platforms. “See, negative comments are a display of jealousy. If you’re unhappy about something or someone, it simply means you will be unjustifiably offended. These are the people who nobody bothers to give importance to so they vent their hatred out on social media.” Aslam continued, “There is one kind that wakes up every morning with the purpose of finding negativity in close proximity. Put a glass of water on social media and you will hear that ‘you can’t put clean water on your social media at least’ and literally anything.”

Fortunately, the two men are well above such common behaviour. “We support each other when need be and know we have each other’s back.”



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