Ban on Zakir Naik

In reference to Dr Zakir Naik being barred from entering the UK: we are forgetting the UK’s right to deny entry to anyone.

Wajih Khattak June 21, 2010

In reference to Dr Zakir Naik being barred from entering the UK: we are forgetting the UK’s right to deny entry to anyone if they feel threatened. As far as spreading Islam is concerned, I think before taking the battle onto their grounds we should look at ourselves.

We should be ashamed of calling Pakistan an Islamic republic.

And anyway how would we feel about a Jew entering Pakistan and preaching Judaism? Why do we have such double standards? We have more serious issues to deal with than condemning why he was not granted a visa. Did we not ban Facebook, YouTube and a host of other websites? When it comes to our religion being mocked in public we should stand against it but we have to stop overreacting to these non-issues.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 22nd, 2010.


Wajih Khattak | 11 years ago | Reply Thanks Mr Babar, and Kiran I think you are not understanding my point, if you want to protest against UK banning any Muslim you should first see the reason why they are banning one from entering the country, now we know that Dr. Naik is very well known and his knowledge makes even the scholars speechless. Now what he preaches might be good but how one interpret his message is the problem. Considering the Muslim in UK I can assure you that they can be very easily provoked, its just like the African in US, they can each other nigger but if a white calls them nigger it would be racist. The same is in UK, calling each other Paki is totally acceptable but if a white British would call them Paki or even Muslim they feel harassed and abused. I have lived in UK for about 2 years and trust me every time something bad would happen to me I would accuse them of being racist but now looking back at it, I think I was acting more like the Afro-Americans or you can say the Jews. How do we feel when we listen to the propaganda of Jews about Holocaust. In short you are not asking the right question, and if you were to ask the right question you would find your answers.Freedom of speech is always there but what matters even more than the freedom of speech is the responsibility that comes with the freedom. Take it as a lie told to people for their own interest, may that be a doctor, a parent, a teacher or for instance the government. The matter here is not about an individual but a nation, a religion. I hope you would find some answers to the question you did not ask :)
Wajih Khattak | 11 years ago | Reply Dear Kiran, I think you missed my point, its not about Islam or any other religion, its about the state security. If Zakir Naik is a possible threat to the UK society in any way, I think they did the right thing. He could have provoked the naive Muslim of UK unintentionally. I think even if he wants to come to Pakistan being an Islamic state, and the government feels that he might create some problem, he should not be let into Pakistan as well. its exactly what Gandhi said "What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?" so I believe that anything which can hurt an innocent life for any greater cause they might portray is not worth it. Rest we all have our believes and we should respect that!
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