Man kept sleeping with body for days after killing wife

Mujahid Ali confesses to killing child, three days after strangulating wife

Saleh Mughal January 15, 2021
A Reuters representational image of a body.


The police on Thursday have booked a government officer who had killed his wife and minor daughter in the Naseerabad area last week.

The grade 17 federal government employee, Mujahid Ali, confessed to strangulating his wife and 18-month old daughter during the investigation. The suspect will be presented in court for the procurement of physical remand.

A senior police official told The Express Tribune that Mujahid Ali probably killed his wife and daughter so that he could marry another woman.

The suspect confessed that he killed his wife and continued sleeping beside the dead body with her daughter for two-three days. Later, he killed the child too.

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When the stench grew unbearable, the family of the suspect forced him to get the bodies buried. Mujahid Ali then staged a drama that both victims had died of suffocation due to the gas leakage in the house. To avoid questions, he immediately got himself admitted in the hospital on the pretext of contracting the coronavirus.

The police have started the investigation against the suspect and he would be presented in the court for physical remand.

According to Nasseerabad police, Muhammad Ashfaq, a resident of Faisalabad filed a report on January that his daughter was killed by her husband who had also killed their child. Ashfaq told the police that his daughter Hina was married Mujahid Ali four years ago.

Ashfaq added that he could not contact Hina since January 3 after which he called his son-in-law. However, his phone was powered off too.

Hina’s father rushed to Rawalpindi and reached Ali’s house where he saw people gathered for funeral.

The complainant called the police. A team of Naseerbad police checked the crime scene and saw the tortured and bloated body of the victim lying on bed with her legs hanging down from the side. The face had turned black while signs of bruises were visible on arms and legs.

The body of the child was lying on the bed in the adjoining room. Realising foul play refused to accept Mujahid’s calim that they had died of inhaling gas fumes.


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