OKB exposes his most embarrassing posts recalling good ol' MSN days

Turns out, the actor was just as weird and embarrassing as any of us pseudo woke 90s kids out there today

Entertainment Desk December 26, 2020

Popular actor Osman Khalid Butt is one of the wittiest celebrities on social media. He is rarely ever mum when a political happening goes south, something controversial turns up or social awareness needs to be prioritised.

However, he is also not ashamed of showing his fun side, which leaves his followers in fits sometimes. So in a recent Twitter episode of Butt giving us hilarious reality checks, he exposed his good old MSN days, which reminded us of our own troublesome past.

Butt wrote, “So Facebook memories took me back to a 2009 post where I'd shared all my old MSN nicknames dated back to 2004. Some gems: If necessity is the mother of invention...then who's the father?’ And 'Tick tock goes the clock and I receive my fourth electric shock.' It gets weirder.”

In the following thread, he continued in a language all 90s kids may pretend to not comprehend today but back in the day, were fluent in. “‘My muse enters, pitchfork in hand. ăđÄpŦ. Ŧħėŗē Ĩŝ Ŋō Ħ°pĕ’. 'P0p goes the wEasel…baNg g0es mY wife'. 'ĹēTŝ þļăΫ P®ëŤəňĐ .. °Ňo MöŘĕ ŤĭMē' 'Ťĥə Đ°MëŝŤĭC Ťy®āŇt’.”

Butt did not stop there as he made sure we were reminded of the ways we experimented with virtual communication, provided that we were the first generation to be given the gift of MSN and Orkut among other social media platforms.

And then he concluded saying, “The original Facebook post ended with me asking everyone to reevaluate their friendship with me.”
No worries Butt, that was all of us.

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