Skincare during winter

A little extra TLC goes a long way to keep your skin radiant all winter long

December 11, 2020

Winter usually means bad news for our skin as the skin gets exposed to dry and cold air. The cold climate makes the skin dry and flaky. But with a little extra TLC you can have soft smooth radiant skin all winter long.

Maintain your natural moisture

The natural oils your skin produces help protect your skin. It’s a good idea to avoid long baths and hot showers, as they can strip away natural oils produced by our body. After bathing or showering pat dry and moisturise your damp skin. The damp skin helps in locking the moisturiser.

Add humidity

To counter the drying effects of the extreme variation in temperature, use a humidifier. Moisture in the air will be absorbed by your skin rather than the cold weather.

Keep yourself hydrated

Having lots of water is always a good idea. Not just in summers but throughout the year. Water intake will help flush out the toxins and keep your skin fresh and hydrated.


Don’t forget sunscreen. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean the sun isn’t affecting your skin. It’s important to keep yourself protected especially during winters as skin is more prone to damage by being flaky and dry.

The more you moisturise the better

Moisturise your skin thoroughly. Switch to an oil-based moisturiser in the winter; your skin will appreciate it. Consider overnight deep moisturiser treatments which can help particularly dry areas like hands feet elbows knees and lips. Cover with cotton gloves and socks to hold the moisture in all night long.

Switch your cleanser

It’s a good idea to trade in your current body wash for a more moisturising cleanser in winter particularly if your usual choice contains drying ingredients like glycolic or salicylic acid. Tone and moisturise as soon as you finish cleansing to avoid further dehydration.


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