Mansha Pasha says 'The Crown' is like a 'desi drama'

Actor summed up the plot of the show to relay how reminiscent it is of the stories on our television

Entertainment Desk November 26, 2020

If there’s one thing everyone’s been talking about lately aside from the pandemic, it is The Crown. And actor Mansha has also poured in her two cents about the series.

“Family wants young and easily moldable daughter-in-law who bears her husband’s infidelity quietly while doing everything by the book." she wrote on Twitter, addressing the plot of The Crown's latest season.

"Ultimately she cannot bear her openness and unwillingness to conform. Such a desi drama," remarked the Laal Kabootar actor.

However, she went on to express her love for the show. "Lol, love the show, the acting, costumes, sets - unparalleled!" noted the Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida star. "This, at least, stands true for season four," she clarified in the end. 

Following this, a user responded to her tweet saying, "Maybe that's where we get this mindset from in the first place. The goras (white) left it here, when they came and colonised us." To this Pasha responded saying, "What I find shocking is the fact that that they still peddle that 'liberal west' ideology across the world when they themselves can be super backward and traditionalist when it suits them."

Attagirl, you tell 'em!

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Mjk | 3 years ago | Reply

Current Pakistani dramas can never compete with the artistic finesse of dramas like ‘The Crown’ ; they are a circus, filled with overacting, and cliched plots. To even think that, is a sign of aesthetic blindness. First, rise to the level of the golden era of Pakistani TV, only then you’ll be In a position to compare yourself with the greats.

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