After astronauts, NASA finally responds to fourth graders

Taking to Twitter, the Karachi-based teacher Aimun Faisal shared answers NASA gave to three of her pupils

Entertainment Desk October 17, 2020
The Earth has been seeded continuously by space with a rare iron isotope formed in the supernovae for the last 33,000 years. PHOTO: NASA

On Wednesday, a fourth-grade science teacher from Karachi was talking to her students about space and what lies beyond the earth. Aimun Faisal encouraged her students to look beyond the horizon and send their questions to astronauts at NASA and other administrations around the world. She then took to Twitter and shared the questions along with the pictures of the six fourth-graders who asked them and tagged NASA and its sister accounts. "These fourth graders have some questions for you," she wrote.

The letter then included six questions from students, Alisha, Minahil, Haniyah, Mahrukh, Anabiya, Rayyan. Like an uninteresting day in outer space, nothing really happened but that didn’t continue to happen. Soon several social media caught on and started retweeting the original tweet and tagging relevant accounts on Twitter.

The students then recieved answers from a Canadian astronaut and German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR). 

Now, NASA and its sister accounts have finally responded to the queries of three students! 

Taking to Twitter, Aimun shared answers NASA gave to three of her pupils. Minahil had asked what she should study in order to enroll in NASA, the educational wing responded, "Hi Minahil, there are a variety of careers to explore! Star-struck STEM fields are a great starting point! Check out, sharpen those STEM skills and you are on your way to launching an amazing career! Rocket Let's see if NASA, @ISS_Research, & @NASA_LSP can help!"

Talking about Anabiya's query of the most interesting thing they have discovered in space, NASA replied, "We've discovered many things in the 20 years humans have been working on the @Space_Station! From how our bodies change in space to the creation of new potential medicines, we've learned a lot. Students like you are even conducting some of that science!"

Alisha wanted to know the kind of fuel spaceships use. To this, NASA revealed, "Hi Alisha! A spaceship, or "launch vehicle” is rocket-propelled & used to carry a spacecraft or humans to space. They may look similar, but no two are alike as they are very complex! NASA rockets are powered by burning solid, liquid or gas rocket fuel."

NASA finally shared a few encouraging words with the students. "Alisha, Minahil, Haniyah, Mahrukh, Anabiya and Rayyan – we're so happy you reached out! Star-struck We hope the stars align, so we can see you one day," the official account tweeted.

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