Hunza and Nagar unrest: Community elders step up reconciliation efforts

Govt to deploy forces in restive Gojal Valley.

Shahbbir Mir August 08, 2011

GILGIT: As community elders stepped up efforts to ensure reconciliation between the warring groups of Nagar and Hunza, the government is planning to send in forces to the restive Gojal Valley to restore law and order, wracked earlier by clashes between two groups on Friday that injured several people. “Efforts are under way at the highest political and religious levels to normalise the situation,” sources in Hunza and Gilgit said on Sunday. Gojal however remained shut in wake of the tussle that damaged houses in villages.

Politicians and religious representatives met in Hunza to ponder over how the situation could be normalised after the tussle. “There was a meeting in Hunza, attended by Wazir Baig, speaker Gilgit-Baltistan assembly, Motabiat Shah, a lawmaker, and Dr Khawaja, a representative of the Ismaili Council,” a resident of Hunza said, adding that Mohammad Ali Akhtar, the regional finance minister, and Mirza Ali, a representative of Hussainia Council Nagar, represented Nagar in the talks. Amid the ongoing negotiations, the government plans to deploy police, Rangers and Gilgit scouts in the restive parts of the Gojal valley known for rich culture and traditions besides people’s hospitality. Dozens of residents of Gojal demanded exemplary punishment to those involved in ransacking and plundering activities in the valley. “There are applications from the local people for boosting up of security in the region,” said an official, on the condition of anonymity. He said that the forces will be deployed in Sost, Gulmit, Hussaini and Fasoo.

The situation in parts of Hunza and Gojal turned ugly on Friday as clashes erupted between the labourers of Gojal and Nagar at the port of Hussaini, one of the four villages of Gojal submerged by the swelling lake of Attabad.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 8th, 2011.


Nurmomad | 11 years ago | Reply

It is surprising to see comments of ignorant people who have tried to tie this clash between two groups of labourers to delusional concepts like "Aga Khan state", which the great leader has open negated, and which is nothing but a fabrication of the ill-willed minds who want to malign the Ismailis.

Very recently a decorated sldier, Nadir Karim (Sitara-e-Jurat), was buried at Hussaini village. His coffin was wrapped in the national flag, because he sacrificed for the country, not for some imaginary state.

No one can take the Aga Khan out of the minds and heart of the locals, but that does not mean that we are conspiring to create a state.

Those are portraying the clash as a sectarian issue, are trying to protect the border trade mafia, most of them involved in smuggling across the Chinese border.

If the people of Hunza have risen against attackers, it is not based on sect or region, it based on protection of the innocent and unarmed people from drug dealer and mafia who are equally dangerous for Hunza, as well as Nagar.

Karim | 11 years ago | Reply

@H.A. Khan: it started out due to quarreling among some laborers, which later turned into sectarian. This is unfortunate that a simple case of fighting between few people turns into something really ugly.

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