Nida Yasir apologises for inviting Marwah's parents on her show

The morning show host had received severe backlash for a segment that involved the child's family

Entertainment Desk September 18, 2020

Popular morning show host Nida Yasir came under fire in the past few days after airing a controversial segment on the show featuring the parents of Marwah, the minor girl who was raped and murdered earlier this month. Clips of the segment circulated on social media where the host asked a series of questions that made the parents of the late Mawrah visibly upset.

As a result, Yasir received severe backlash, with many demanding a complete ban on her. #BanNidaYasir started trending on Twitter with netizens urging people to report Yasir to the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority.

The morning show host has subsequently apologised for hurting the audience's sentiments in a video uploaded on her social media. "First of all I would like to apologise. If I have said or asked anything inappropriate be it intentionally or unintentionally, I ask for your forgiveness," she said at the beginning of the video. 


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In the video, Yasir claims that it was not her team that approached Mawrah's parents. Instead, the parents approached them because they “needed media support”. " When media support is given to such cases, the relevant authoroties start to work faster. Cases of such nature almost happen on a daily basis and you don't even find out about them. After the request of Marwah's family, I felt that I should leave everything else and help them. God is my witness that I didnt do the segment for any sort of TRP," she said.

She went on to add that the family of the victim has shown gratitude towards her. "You will not believe it but two days after my show, Marwah’s rapist was caught. Her family is very grateful to me. They are poor people and were in a dire state before they got some financial support because of our show,” shared Yasir.

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