Twitter lashes out at Mawra Hocane for glorifying public harassment

In a resurfaced video from a morning show, Hocane claimed that she does not mind being catcalled

Entertainment Desk July 24, 2020

An old video of Mawra Hocane's appearance on Nida Yasir’s morning show with Kubra Khan and Humayun Saeed has just went viral. The snippet shows Hocane glorifying public harassment and many users are not happy with what the she had to say.

The clip shows Yasir asking Hocane, “Has anyone ever teased you?” in response to which she says, “I think that’s just Lahore’s fun, boys tease you with music roaring from their cars. I think that’s just the feel of Lahori Eid.” She then went on to add, “So we don’t mind. It’s okay, keep looking at us”

Surprised, Yasir continued to ask her, “So even if someone teases you right now you won’t mind?” But Hocane relentlessly quipped, “Haan, koi baat nahi, tumhari bhi Eid hai (Yes, it doesn’t matter, it’s your Eid too).”

The clip ends with everyone, including Hocane, laughing. Except social media users refuse to find it funny. Many have called out Hocane for “normalising harassment” with her statements while others have expressed refute by contesting that it is her opinion so she should not say “we don’t mind.”

“Keep looking at us? This in a nutshell is why I hated growing up in Lahore. And here she sits glorifying limiting public spaces for women," said one user. Whereas others believed she does not mind because she has never been in a situation where she had to be terrified of such behaviour.



The remaining just simply called her out for glorifying public harassment and catcalling.

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