Hamza Ali Abbasi calls out 'today's Muslims' after Hagia Sophia ruling

The actor shares his two cents on 'turning churches into mosques, stopping construction of temples'

Entertainment Desk July 11, 2020
Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi. PHOTO: FILE

A top Turkish court on Friday struck down the 1934 Cabinet decree that turned Istanbul's Hagia Sophia into a museum, paving the way for its use again as a mosque after an 85-year hiatus. In the wake of the news and subsequent reaction on social media, actor Hamza Ali Abbasi shared his view on the matter. 

While he didn’t mention the Hagia Sophia directly, Hamza did express concern over Muslims rejoicing the conversion of other places of worship being turned into mosques. The actor started off by giving the example of the Holy Prophet ‘(SAW) treating the places of worships of other religions with respect during their rule  

“I often read about how Umar Khattab RA refused Patriarch Sophronius' offer to pray in Church of Holy Sepulchre in conquered Jerusalem, so Muslims won’t later convert it into a mosque. I read about how the Sahaba RA didn’t harm the Bamiyan Buddha statues in conquered Khorasan,” he said.

Adding on the Pyare Afzal actor criticised those who encourage otherwise giving the recent example of a mandir’s construction being halted by Muslims. “And then I see those Muslims today. Thumping their chests and proclaiming the victory of Islam by converting churches into mosques and stopping a small mandir from construction. No wonder Allah has given us Muslim the azaab of zillat (humiliation) and mehkoomi  (subjection) in this world."

Hamza had earlier on had lashed out when the planned construction of a mandir in Islamabad was halted. "Pakistan is not an empire or a kingdom. We Muslims didn't conquer Pakistan. We are a Muslim majority nation and state. On 14th August 1947, everyone who resided in the boundary of Pakistan became an equal citizen," the Parwaaz Hai Junoon actor had said.

He went on to add, "No more hypocrisy, I admit that there is massive religious discrimination in Pakistan."

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