You’ve instigated the wrong person: Sonu Nigam warns T-Series head

Singer warns Bhushan Kumar after calling out the 'Music Mafias' of Bollywood

Entertainment Desk June 23, 2020

Sushant Singh Rajput's demise brought to light the behind-the-scenes treatment of aspiring artists in Bollywood and reignited the debate surrounding nepotism in India.

Sonu Nigam, for one, in a vlog after the incident, addressed the 'music mafias' that are present in Bollywood. He captioned his video, "You might hear about suicides in the music industry soon."

Following the arguments he provided, the superstar singer released another video yesterday hinting at an argument that may have taken place between him and a 'mafia' he addressed. This time, he titled the video ‘Laaton ke mafia baaton se nahi maante’ and enlightened his followers about how he was 'instigated' by one of the 'mafias' after his first vlog went viral. The singer directly called out T-Series’ head, Bhushan Kumar.

Knocking heads

“Now, I need to take Bhushan Kumar’s name. You’ve instigated the wrong person. You forgot that time when you came to my home and pleaded me to do one album for you, pleaded me to introduce you to Subrata Roy, Smita Thackeray, Bal Thackeray, pleaded to me to save you from Abu Salem. Do you remember all this?" Nigam asked.

He then threatened Kumar saying, "I’m warning you not to engage with me in any manner. Hope you remember Marina Kuwar. I don’t know why she backed out, though the media knows. That’s how mafias functions. I still have her video. Now if you mess with me, I will post that video on my YouTube channel. Don’t you dare mess with me."

In response to this, Kumar's wife Divya Khosla Kumar called Nigam thankless and wrote on Instagram, "Today, it’s all about who can run a good campaign. I'm even seeing people selling lies and deceit #SonuNigam. Such people know how to play with the minds of the audience. God save our world!"

Friendly reminder

Divya 1Divya 2

Khosla continued, “Sonu Nigam jee, T-Series gave you a break into the industry, made you successful. If you were this angry then why didn't you say all this before? Today, you are doing this for publicity. I have directed so many videos for your father for which he used to be so grateful to me. But some people are thankless."

In his earlier vlog, Nigam informed his viewers about the favouritism in the music industry and how only a couple of music banners hold all the power. In the seven-minute clip on YouTube, he talked about roadblocks in the career of the newcomers created by big music labels and in turn urged them to be kind.

Calling out nepotism

“I want to request everyone and especially our music companies to be kind because today an actor - Sushant Sigh Rajput - has passed away, tomorrow you can hear the same about a singer or a composer or a lyrics writer. Because unfortunately, there is a bigger mafia in the music industry than the film industry,” the 46-year-old musician claimed.

With tweets and evidence, he then shed light upon the young and struggling musicians who are distressed because of the monopoly of “only two music companies” in India that rule and decide everything.
Nigam also shared his own experience of making his way into Bollywood.

“I came into the industry years ago and at a younger age so I didn’t fall for their traps. But an actor has done this with me, saying I should not be made to sing. The same actor has done this with Arijit Singh. What is this? How can you use your power like that?" he argued.

"So many songs sung by me have been dubbed. This is humiliating. Isn't it? I don't ask for work. You call me, make me sing and then dub it! This is funny as hell because I have been working since 1989 in the music industry. If you can do this to me, then what do you do with the youngsters!" added the singer.


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