Zartaj Gul redefines Covid-19 and the internet is breaking

Pakistan's Climate Change Minister on national television said that Covid-19 means coronavirus has 19 points

Entertainment Desk June 23, 2020

On Sunday, Climate Change Minister Zartaj Gul purported that Covid-19 means that the coronavirus has 19 points that can be applied to any country based on its respective immunity levels.

Although by now, everyone knows that Covid-19 is an acronym for the coronavirus disease 2019, it seems that Gul had no idea what she was getting herself into.

Since she redefined the term on national television, Pakistani social media users have been busy redefining everything on Twitter.

Providing a fresh perspective to age-old words, users have come up with new and hilarious definitions for F-16, bypass, T20, MiG-21 and N95 among others.

Here are some we loved most:

Some even compiled a video of the memes and it all makes sense now.

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Rahem Anwar | 1 month ago | Reply | Recommend Well at first I enjoyed the article , shared it with my family just to share a laugh. But then it got me thinking what if I was in a similar situation. I think we have an obsession to make fun of other but what we fail to understand is that we can be standing in the exact same position or even worse. But again I agree that it was a mistake or even a big mistake , but it was still a mistake. We should cut others some slack and use the social media responsibly. Constructive criticism is fine , but we should not just go after others. It is wrong and unethical. But lately specially in this pandemic all we see is that one after the other people are being trolled on the social media. To end it I just wanna add that this is just my opinion and it is not specifically directed towards anyone. I just think we should use criticism constructively and should try not to engage in activities which may hurt others people's feelings. Everyone is a human being and is bound to error.
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