Jemima gives 'shabashi' to Pakistani-British cab driver for tackling a racist

A viral video showed a passenger abusing the cab driver for belonging to Pakistan

Entertainment Desk June 05, 2020

Jemima Goldsmith shared a video of a Pakistani-British cab driver being abused for his ethnicity.

The video showed a British passenger in the cab of the driver saying, "Who do you think you are? You think you're something special? Pakistan! But I'll tell you what? No wonder the Indians are bombing you!"

The driver went on to search his bag as if looking for change and responded calmly, "I don't think about who I am. Have fun."

But the passenger continued without retrain, this time in an even more abusive and threatening manner, "By the way, this is England! And you're in a f****** job in England! So you should respect this country."

Following this, the driver went on to let the passenger know that he would upload this video on Facebook so that the world could hear what he has to say. But the passenger continued, "You think I give a flying f***?"

The driver then asked him to leave the cab since he had handed over the change and while getting off, the passenger continued to abuse the driver for belonging to a "Muslim" country.

Nevertheless, in response to the video Goldsmith said, "Shabash and respect to this Pakistani-British cab driver for keeping his cool in the face of unspeakable racist abuse from a grotesque thug."

Several responded to her tweet with a user sharing news of the the West Midlands Police having arrested the abusive man after the video surfaced online. Another user also shared the alleged response of the cab driver to the arrest.

Others simply continued to laud Goldsmith for raising her voice against racism against minorities worldwide.

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Saeed Ahmed Memon | 4 years ago | Reply I am impressed with the calm shown by the cab driver. I am also impressed with the courage shown by Jemima for the noble cause and the love she always displays towards Pakistan.
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