Bra chain record comes apart at the seams

Attempt to set a new world record for the longest chain of bras called off after volunteers got lingerie in a twist.

Reuters August 03, 2011
Bra chain record comes apart at the seams

LONDON: A British attempt to set a new world record for the longest chain of brassieres was called off after volunteers got the lingerie in a twist.

Campaigners at "Bra Chain" hoped to hook together over 100 miles of bras in Worcester, a city in the English West Midlands, to raise money for women's charities and beat the current world record of 166,000 linked brassieres, held by Australia.

Volunteers, or "hookers," aimed to connect 200,000 bras, but were forced to quit at half that number when the undergarments became tangled in the boxes.

"We underestimated the time it would take to get the bras out of their boxes and hooked together - there were bras all over the place," said Launa Walker at Bra Chain.

"It does take a lot of time to assemble bras into a chain and after about nine hours of hooking them up we decided to call it a day," Walker told Reuters.

The organizers say they will attempt another world record bid in the future and are still accepting donations of unwanted bras.

"We are going to try it again -- we've learnt a few tricks of the trade, now all that remains is to set a date," said Walker.

The event was organized in aid of UK women's charities Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the Worcester breast cancer unit and Women's Aid, which supports victims of domestic violence.


bulbul | 12 years ago | Reply

wow, tribune is getting bolder by the day !

Sami | 12 years ago | Reply

Good to see these type of chains :) I like it as I love bra although I am male but Love every style of bra :)

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