I am sure even Syra has a billion options for her: Feroze Khan

The 'Khaani' star wants the public to stop being nosey

Entertainment Desk June 01, 2020

Shehroze Sabzwari, Sadaf Kanwal, and Syra Yousuf have been the talk of the town ever since the former two tied the knot in a Nikkah ceremony over the weekend. Given that a relationship between Shehroze and Sadaf was already rumored while the former was still married to Syra, many on social media bashed the newlyweds while sympathising with the Chalay Thay Sath actor.

In the midst of all this, actor Feroze Khan who was holding his own QnA session on Instagram was asked about his thoughts on the union. According to Feroze people should leave all three alone.

"My opinion is that awam (public) at times becomes too nosey. Let them bloody be man," the Khaani star said. On Syra, the actor stressed on the fact that both her and Shehroze had already parted ways.

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"They called it off and I am sure and I am sure even Syra has a billion options for her. It doesn't matter. We should keep to ourselves."

Additionally, Feroze also gave a much clearer picture on where his acting career stands, following his decision to "leave showbiz". "I would still act. I can't just give up on something I've worked so hard on but it won't be my first job," he said.

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Adding further, Feroze said that he will prioritise other ventures. " I am going to invest my time in other businesses and if there's a project that I would think will help society learn something better, I would be a part of it, no harm."

On the lighter side, the Tich Button star shared one of the weirdest things his fans have ever done. " Thes few girls kept coming to my house every morning telling my dad that I promised them breakfast at 8:00 AM. My dad knew they were lying. I mean who even wakes up at that hour," he said.

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Victoria | 1 year ago | Reply I don't understand why Syra and Shahroz divorced in the first place . Polygamy is very much legal in his religion. Theirs was a love marriage in the first place . its perfectly naturally to fall for some one else .He could have kept his second wife apart and led a perfectly harmonious life . now their child will face the wrath of an absentee father .
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