Feminism is misunderstood in Pakistan: Ayesha Omar

The actor clarified how feminists are not man-haters and shed light on #MeToo in the industry

Entertainment Desk May 28, 2020

Ayesha Omar is easily one of the most recognisable faces on Pakistani telly, thanks to her recurring character of Khubsurat in Bulbulay. 

The actor recently recently sat down for a fun and casual talk with Tabish Hashmi on the show To Be Honest, busting and clarifying myths about the industry as well as her personal life.

The Zindagi Gulzar Hai actor also took a dive into some serious talk, albeit in a lighter tone, and talked about how some Pakistani's have a misconception about feminism.


"They think feminists are man-haters or that they believe men should be eliminated. Feminism is a movement, a belief that women should have equal rights as men in any society, that's it," she said.

She also shed light on an earlier statement of hers, where she said that she too had been harassed in the industry but did not take any names. "I don't think I'm strong enough right now to name anyone... I don't want that kind of attention coming on to me," said Ayesha, mentioning how Meesha Shafi went through so much when she came out with her story.

"I was once asked whether I believe her story, and I just think when a victim comes out with their story, I would want to listen to it. I won't immediately be like, 'Oh, she's lying!'" she said.


She then shared how she was asked whether such things do happen in the industry. "I said, yes, of course, these things happen. I was then asked whether it had happened to me, and I said, yes."

Ayesha also went on to reveal that many veteran actors in the industry have the tendency to have a shady record, when asked to name someone who could be named in the future. "Beshumar hain (There are uncountable such names!0" she shared, refusing to name any one.

Being the unapologetic and open woman she is, Ayesha also addressed the years old controversy around the leaked pictures of herself and fellow industry friend Maria Wasti - the two were seen on the beaches of Thailand in clothes that would be considered inappropriate by Pakistani standards.

"It was a very sad story, because they were our personal pictures. Maria had hired some editor who had access to her laptop. They had a falling out and he leaked the photos as revenge," she opened up.


"We were in Thailand at a time when there aren't many people there - it was rainy season and we just took a vacation and wanted to relax and you'd want whatever you want! It was personal. It's like you're taking a bath in your house and someone leaks your picture," lamented Ayesha.

Watch the interview here.

Safe to say, Ayesha has managed to make a solid part in the industry for herself and continues to be a favourite despite the controversies and interest in her personal life.

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