Grade Tampering: Student blames school principal for 2nd position

Protest against private education institutions that several matriculation results have been tampered.

Express August 02, 2011


Local residents in Vehari have protested against private education institutions and alleged that several matriculation results had been tampered with.

A Vehari school student said that in the class ninth exam in 2010 he had received 464 out of 480 marks in the chemistry practical. Ali said that his result sheet showed 460 marks robbing him of the first position.

Dozens of locals protested against the marking system and said that several students had been robbed off their rightful grades. “Ali’s marks were changed because a private institution principal made a phone call. There was a family squabble and everyone expected him to top in the district,” the boy’s cousin Afzal said.

The controller of examinations gave a statement denying all grade tampering charges.

“The official marks will be announced tomorrow but we contacted position holders in advance.

The family is just upset the boy did not stand first,” he said. Education board employees have, however, appealed to the chief minister and education secretary to conduct an inquiry into the matter.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 2nd, 2011.

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