SIUT faces surge of comorbid Covid-19 patients

Spike in infected dialysis, transplant and cancer patients, who need specialised treatment

​ Our Correspondent May 14, 2020
KARACHI: The Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) has recently witnessed a surge of Covid-19 infection in dialysis, transplant and cancer patients at the hospital, revealed a spokesperson on Thursday.

These patients are immunosuppressed and therefore more susceptible to coronavirus, explained the spokesperson, adding that with the admission of 55 new patients last week, the hospital’s capacity had been overwhelmed.

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He stated that currently, SIUT was providing treatment to 41 dialysis patients with coronavirus, with at least two new patients being diagnosed each day. Meanwhile, around 22 Covid-19-positive transplant patients are being treated vigorously, including high regimen immunosuppression.

In light of this, the SIUT has marshalled its team to provide urgent treatment for this special group, which requires prolonged intensive care, he stated.

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Pointing out that there were only four centres for the treatment of coronavirus patients in the city up until last week – an insufficient number – the spokesperson hailed the fact that Covid-19 treatment facilities had been set up in more hospitals. “Presently, 10 centres have been established in Karachi for the treatment of Covid-19 patients, with ventilator support,” he said. “This will help SIUT concentrate on the select group of coronavirus patients on dialysis, with transplants or with cancer, who require specialised treatment due to their immunocompromised status, more effectively.”

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