Balochistan kidnappings: Two bodies found near Makran Coastal Highway

The victims were listed as ‘missing persons’ a few months ago.

Express July 31, 2011


The bodies of two people previously considered to be missing were found dumped near the Makran Coastal highway in Lasbela district.

According to officials, passers-by spotted the bodies in Lyari Tehsil and informed a Balochistan Levies police station.

The bodies were shifted to a nearby government hospital for autopsy where they were identified as Sharbat Khan Marri and Zaman Khan Marri. Both victims were listed as missing a few months ago, officials said. Their identities were confirmed through slips found from each body. The body of Sharbat Khan’s father, Ahmed Khan Marri, was found dumped in the area a few weeks earlier.

Officials were unaware of the motive behind the killings. “The bodies bore bullet wounds and multiple marks of torture,” sources said, adding that no one has come forward to claim the bodies for burial so far.

According to sources, Sharbat Khan was whisked away along with family members including his father several weeks back.

Human rights groups and Baloch political parties claimed as early as March that 13,000 people are missing in the province, while the provincial government acknowledged fewer than 1,000 people have been picked up. Intelligence and security agencies are alleged to be behind the growing disappearances in the region, where a number of strikes have taken place in recent months to protest the kidnappings.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 31th,  2011.

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ishtiaer hussain | 9 years ago | Reply

Our polliticians are not capable of preserving democracy and of running the country smoothly. They keep playing games with each others. They don't have any vision. They can not look beyond the routine chores of governance towards the distant future. Pakistan is a country facing many crises in the long-run, such as, stubborn economic malaise; continued ownership of state corporations by the government which leak out hundreds of billions of rupees from the national exchequer; constant tensions with neighbouring countries; shortage of water due to melting of glaciers attributed to climate change and India's efforts to build dams on our rivers; exponential population expansion etc. But our government is busy to ensure that it remains in power till the senate elections next year and then till the upcoming elections. All of its energies are devoted to the cause of completing its five-year term. It will leave everything else for the next government for consideration.

Salman Orangiwala | 9 years ago | Reply

Human Right organizations and Media ???? They donot have the guts to spill WHO the killers are . A person with a pea sized brain can even make 2 + 2 , and come to the conclusion .

All our sympathy with the deceased families and with all those Baloch mothers and sisters who are running from pillar to post to get even a trace of thier disappeared near and dear ones .

Shame on Courts , shame on agenecies and shame on the media .

The same game was played in East Paksitan ,is bieng played n Balochistan and nowin Karachi by THE MIGHTY and the POWERFUL , but they forgot that thier is an ALMIGHTY up and above all.

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