Things can go wrong: Zahid Ahmed on his nose job

The actor regrets enacting upon his insecurities

Entertainment Desk April 29, 2020

Actor Zahid Ahmed recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, opening up about his botched nose job. The Ishq Zahe Naseeb star at first described the act itself as a 'stupidity' on his part.

"Allah ke itne ehsaan hone ke bawajood ke mujhe apne khwaab ko poora karne ki taufeeq di, usko haqeeqat banana. Aik actor banein mein kamyaab hua. Lekin wahan pe mein ne aik nashukri harkat kee (Despite being blessed by God that I got to live my dream of becoming an actor, I did a very thankless act)," he said.

Zahid revealed that the left side of his nose had become the source of his insecurity, that in turn adversely affected his performance. "Jab camera aik khaas angle pe ata tha tau meri left side of the nose jo thee woh mere apnay lihaaz sey different thee. Tau jab bhi camera left side pe ata tha, mein nervous hojata tha (Whenever the camera used to be at a particular angle, I felt that the left side of my nose appeared different. As a result, I used to get very conscious when a shot in that angle was being taken)," he said.

According to the star, whenever he requested the director to change the shot, he was told to focus on his performance and that it was all just in his head. Zahid very much agreed with this in the video as he talked about how this was more so the flaw, in his thinking rather than the way he looked. However, he admitted that eventually, his self-obsession got the better of him and he proceeded to get an operation done.

The Mein Nah Janoon actor noted that during his six month in recovery after the surgery, he was either unable to properly take care of himself or God had disapproved of his decision. As a result, his nose appeared out of place. "The reason I am making this video is to let everyone know that things can go wrong. In my case, they did," Zahid said.

He then went on to advice his fans who perhaps may also share the same insecurities to trust God and focus on the blessings.

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