Our colour doesn't define beauty: Sonya Hussyn

The actor believes that a person's character is worth far more than their outward appearance

Entertainment Desk April 27, 2020

Actor Sonya Hussyn in a recent Instagram post talked about how the colour of one's skin shouldn't define them. " Black or white? Doesn't really matter. Aap sirf tab khoobsoorat hein jab aapka dil khoobsoorat hai ( You're only beautiful when your heart is beautiful)," she said in the video.

Se went on to stress her message in the caption as well as she talked about how beauty lies in a person's inner self.  "Tan or fair, doesn’t matter- our Colour doesn't define beauty. Beauty is defined by our minds, our individuality, our character. If you have a good heart and a pure soul. You are absolutely beautiful !" the caption read.


Hussyn is known to be quite active in promoting empathy through her social media. Earlier on the Ishq Zahe Naseeb star had went on to call out Shaniera Akram and Armeena Khan for ‘trivialising’ people’s fear.

“I believe I’m somebody who is strong and Independent. I’ve studied Zoology as a minor for eight years and dealt with various living species but I’m still scared of cockroaches.”

The starlet added “I’m somebody who is brave enough to travel around the world all by herself yet I haven’t learnt how to deal with dysmenorrhea (Premenstrual cramps), it still scares me. It’s okay to have fears, it’s completely humane.”

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