New iOS text-bomb bug using Sindhi characters can crash your iPhone

Texts using Sindhi characters are being sent as a notification that cause your iOS device to freeze

Tech Desk April 25, 2020

Apple users beware. A new series of texts have emerged that can cause iPhones and iOS devices to crash.

Texts using Sindhi characters are being sent as a notification that causes your iOS device to freeze, requiring to be reset to return back to normal.

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In a detailed Twitter video, popular YouTuber, EverythingApplePro informs viewers that this bug can attack your device through a notification with the particular characters inside.


Further, he showcased the effects of the bug in his video, stating that when the text was posted on Twitter it took down "several hundred peoples' phones," showing its reach beyond messaging apps.

This is not the first time this has happened. Over the past decade similar “text-bombs” bugs have crashed iOS devices.

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If you do end up getting this text then EverythingApplePro suggests that you can turn your device back to normal by holding volume up, and then volume down, then the side button to hard reset your iPhone.

You could also turn off notifications to lessen the risk of your device being crashed.

Apple’s upcoming iOS 13.4.5 is reportedly not going to be impacted by this bug, reports 9to5Mac. However, the update is currently in beta but will be released soon.

This article originally published on CNET.


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