PTI govt’s ‘incompetence’ has worsened virus impact: Shehbaz

PML-N leader blames PTI govt for lack of capacity to build its own practicable national strategy to fight Covid-19

Rameez Khan April 24, 2020
Shehbaz Sharif. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Shehbaz Sharif has said that the socioeconomic instability caused by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government’s incompetence and incapacity over the past 18 months has worsened and amplified the impact of the crisis triggered by the coronavirus.

Addressing a meeting of the PML-N Central Executive Committee, the National Assembly opposition leader said, “The PML-N extended unconditional cooperation to the government based on compassion and devotion to the nation. With the same spirit, the party formulated a national strategy after extensive and exhaustive consultation with all political parties, sectors and stakeholders in the fight against Covid-19.”

Shehbaz said that practical and practicable implementation mechanisms were also laid out in light of economic activities and everyday life.

The nation could have benefitted a great deal from all this extensive work had it been used at the appropriate time, he said, adding that however, the government not only pushed it off the table but also lacked the capacity to build its own cohesive, comprehensive and practicable national strategy to fight the pandemic.

The PML-N president said, “There exists a baffling confusion among government ranks over every issue, from lockdown, to ways of provision of relief to people and of protective gear to the medics. This confusion is the hallmark of this administration which is evident in its economic policies regarding policy rate, budgetary allocations, revenue targets and each and every domain of governance.

“On the other hand, the doctors are extremely worried that lifting of the lockdown could have catastrophic effects on an already overrun health system.”

Sehbaz warned that this confusion and indecision by Prime Minister Imran Khan and his administration would cost Pakistan even more dearly than it already has. “The absence of clear vision and strategy would only make matters worse,” he said. “This PTI government is devoid of any direction and vision regarding an appropriate and sustainable economic policy. This instability triggered by this incapacity has worsened and amplified the economic fallout of the crisis triggered by the coronavirus.”

Shehbaz said a country cannot be run by telethons and requires a strong, comprehensive economic and administrative strategy. “The underprivileged classes of the country have been crushed under the avalanche of incompetence of this administration while the daily wagers and laborers still await government’s relief and aid,” he said.

Shehbaz expressed great satisfaction over the welfare and anthropological activities being conducted by the PML-N leaders across the country, saying that relief work is being carried out without any self-promotion, pomp or show on the directions of PML-N quaid Nawaz Sharif.

He said Nawaz directed the distribution of relief goods to all parts of the country. This, he said was achieved by the party by distributing protective kits at all public hospitals in all provinces without any discrimination. “This relief work is ongoing and will continue because doctors, nurses and paramedics are the heroes of the nation.”

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