The Backstreet Boys mark 27th anniversary, thank fans for support

"Grateful for what each of you has given us and for what’s ahead," shared the '90s boyband with fans

Entertainment Desk April 21, 2020

The Backstreet Boys have long been a defining part of the '90s and the boyband has just hit a major milestone in their career - they just celebrated their 27th anniversary!

Monday, April 20, marked the band's 27th year of formation, and the  band took to Instagram to mark the occasion and to thank fans for their continued support over the years.

"Today marks 27 years of the Backstreet Boys. On Apr 20, 1993 we were all so young and standing together for the first time as a group. We did not know you yet," the band's official Instagram account reads.

"Each one of you were but a dream to us. We hoped you’d hear our music. Then you came... a dozen... a hundred... thousands... millions!?" they reminisced - at their peak, BSB was the biggest band on the planet, with major hits across the globe.

They went on to extend their gratitude, saying, "To say we dreamed for this would be an understatement. We know we are here because of you. You were our little dream and now you are all our reality."

"Grateful for what each of you has given us and for what’s ahead... As long as there’ll be music," the post concluded on a nostalgic note.

The heartfelt caption was accompanied with a sweet throwback of the band - fresh faced and young, and not yet as famous as they would go on to become.

The Backstreet Boys' adoring fans that have endured through decades with them also sent in their adoring well-wishes for the band. "Thank you for being in my life this past 27 years! Your music is part of my day, in good and bad times. I love you guys to the moon and back, forever! Happy anniversary!" wrote one fan.

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