Grab your popcorn: Shaan and Jawad Ahmad are having a political debate on Twitter

Both the singer and the actor have strong opinions about the govt's management of Corona outbreak

Entertainment Desk April 18, 2020

Popular singer-turned-politician Jawad Ahmad has been critical of PM Imran Khan in the past. In 2017, Ahmad criticised the PM for passing sexist remarks against Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

Now, the Mehndi singer has taken to Twitter to divulge on what he thinks is going wrong with the way Coronvirus outbreak is being handled in Pakistan.

"Imran Khan is shrewd and shallow. Even now, he is playing politics on Sindh Govt. Corona Tigers is more important to him than people’s lives," Ahmad shared on Twitter. "To protect his politics, he is taking no hard decisions including convincing and stopping clergy. He’d be responsible for Pakistan’s devastation."

The statement didn't sit well with famous actor Shaan Shahid, who is an avid supporter of Khan.

He retaliated to Ahmad's stance rather aggressively and sternly, "Shukar hai corrupt nahee hain ... or jab corrupt log power mai thay to aap kahaan thay? (Thank God, he isn't corrupt. But, where were you when corrupt politicians were in power?)"

The Zarrar actor went on to add, "It's ok to do politics but not by putting down others ..our PM is fighting, struggling from internal threats, support him or tell us what you can do for our nation. How can you help Pakistan rise ..Politics is not about who is better but who can make the country better."

Ahmad later posted a video in response to the Waar actor's comments.

"Usually, I don't respond to such comments and I really respect everyone from the showbiz industry, but the questions he raised require me to answer him," he said in the video. "When he asked me where I was when there was corruption, so I was exactly where you were. I was singing, I was in the industry."

Ahmad went on to add that in 2013, he was offered a position in PTI  which he refused. "In 2018, I contested in elections. I'm a part of the said politics, therefore I can critique. Imran Khan is the Prime Minister, I have a right to criticise him."

Talking about Shaan's second inquiry, Ahmad clapped back, saying that his party only talks about the middle class.

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