Twitter cancels Ali Sethi for 'body shaming' user who questioned his originality

The singer also called another user an 'auntie' for asking similar questions

Entertainment Desk April 13, 2020

Ali Sethi has been holding quite a few live sessions lately where he sings and interacts with his fans under lockdown.

The popular singer recently came in the spotlight for collaborating with renowned Indian artistes Rekha Bhardwaj and Vishal Bhardwaj on one such session. Not just that, he was seen trolling a user who cursed him by cursing back and the viewers loved him for the snap back.

However, there's one more reason he's gaining popularity in the past couple of days - a notorious one at that.

One other user recently called him out for lacking original music to which Sethi dubbed her an 'auntie'. He said, "Uhh, I released six original songs last year, but of course this troll auntie knows better."

Following this, the another user responded saying, "Ali bhai wo chhay originals songs kaun se hai’n ? Sun’nay nahi hai’n par pata tau chalay (Ali bhai which six original songs are you talking about? I don't want to listen to them but I'd like to know."

To this Sethi tweeted in a sarcastic and demeaning manner instead of responding to the query with the songs he was asked for. He said, "Beta dobara selfie na lena," a remark quite possibly directed towards the user's display picture.

Call it being provoked, but both the singer's responses did not go well with the public this time as everyone went on to relay their disappointment.

Others called it hitting "a new low by body shaming rather than propagate their work."

Then there were some who continued to drag him for his 'lack of originality' by trolling him saying, "Even his comebacks are not original!"

Another user called out the 'woke elite' for not cancelling Sethi because he was an 'icon for bi-sexuals'.

Some even called him out for nepotism.

Others simply cancelled him

And then there were some who came to his rescue but clearly the damage had already been done!

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