The word Covidiot has taken over Twitter and let us tell you what it means. SCREENGRAB: URBAN DICTIONARY

Who is a Covidiot? Here's how you can not be one

The word Covidiot has taken over Twitter and let us tell you what it means

Social Desk March 23, 2020
Amid the doom and gloom brought on by coronavirus, Twitter users saw the lighter side of the global pandemic with #COVIDIOT becoming one of the top trends on the micro-blogging site.

The term is a mix of two terms: Covid-19 and idiot.

Since Twitter has been talking about Covid-19 because that's all anyone is talking about these days, and many have been pointing out people's foolishness, Urban dictionary came up with a term to summarise all of it.

It explains a covidiot as "Someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety, or, a person who hoards goods, denying them from their neighbours".

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So, in a nutshell, a covidiot is a person who goes against health advisories and does things that are being warned against.

It includes going to markets and hoarding on food, going out in public and taking part in large gatherings.

And, might we add, forwarding unverified messages on WhatsApp. At the current moment, the world is full of such people.


The internet is flooded with videos of people hoarding toilet paper and groceries, leaving very little or no daily need goods for people who are less fortunate or old.

Remember those heartbreaking pictures of old people looking at empty shelves?Let's talk about more examples of covidiocy.

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, people have been advised against stepping out of their homes and avoiding large public gatherings, right? Prime Minister Imran Khan urged Pakistanis to self isolate and stay inside their homes.

But what did people do? They began flocking public places.

Now that you know exactly who a covidiot is, spread the knowledge.

And finally, here's how you can not be a covidiot:

Avoid going out of your homes as much as possible.

Do not be part of public gatherings.

Do not hoard on groceries; leave for other, less fortunate people as well.

Do not forward unverified WhatsApp messages.


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