First Turkish film to release in Pakistani cinemas on 13th March

The move is being seen as a positive step for the local film industry

Adnan Lodhi March 10, 2020

LAHORE: Cinemas across Pakistan are gearing up for the release of the first Turkish language film in the country,Miracle in Cell No 7.  The film which is scheduled to release on 13th March this year, could be seen as the first step in distributors filling the void left by the ban on Bollywood productions.

Chairman Pakistan Film Distributors Associations, Ejaz Kamran believes that the screening of such films is crucial for the long term survival of Pakistani cinemas.

“We have been  demanding such  developments that are pivotal for the survival of our local film industry since a while now. I think the release of Miracle in Cell No 7. is a positive step which needs to be supported by viewers as well. I am expecting the film to do good business which can pave the way for the release of films from other countries including Iran and China in Pakistan . I believe that for Pakistani cinema to thrive, such ventures are quite necessary," Kamran told The Express Tribune.

Miracle in Cell No 7. is being released under the banner of HKC Entertainment. The distribution company plans on screening the film in 45 cinema houses.

“We are doing different experiments in order to cater to everyone's demand. Miracle in Cell No 7 is a beautiful film with top notch production and cinematography. The state of the art production  is a primary reason for it being  chosen as the first film to release in country. On the basis of audience response, we might release more Turkish language films of this nature in future. We hope that cinema going audiences give this film a chance," said an unamed official at HKC.

Last week the premiere for the film was held at a venue in Karachi.

Miracle in Cell No 7 is the Turkish remake of a Korean film by the same name released in October last year.  The story is about the bond between a mentally impaired person and his daughter. In the original film the protagonist is wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of a child. In prison he is assigned to a maximum security ward known as Cell no. 7. Upon befriending some of the inmates, he is able to get access to his daughter and reconnect with her in prison.

The Turkish adaptation is directed by  Mehmet Ada Öztekin and stars Aras Bulut Iynemli, Nisa Sofiya Aksongur, and Deniz Baysal.

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