Blame me for any crisis in your life if it helps you sleep better: Ali Zafar

The singer uploaded a video on his social media in response to some recent criticism

​ Our Correspondent February 21, 2020

KARACHI: Popular singer-songwriter Ali Zafar has posted a satirical video on his Instagram in which he subtly takes a dig at his haters without naming or alluding to anyone.

“If there is any problem in your life, personal problem, social problem, financial problem, song problem, event problem, anything, then you’re not responsible for it - I am,” says the model-cum-actor.

Zafar continues with a smirk on his face, “Because I am so powerful, see I have bloggers on my payroll. What is this Cambridge Analytica, who got Trump elected? Your brother," he says pointing towards himself.

He then adds in an even sarcastic manner, “So hang a dartboard in your room with my picture on it and hit it every morning after waking up. You'll feel lighter, your anger will fade away, in fact, if you want that I should come and stand in front of it myself, I'm willing to do that.”

Following this, whatever he tries to say next is interrupted by his previous PSL anthem which suddenly plays in the background - after which he tells someone to shut it down, calling it ‘manhus’ (cursed).

The video clip is intended to send across a significant message. But to whom? Zafar wouldn’t say even when approached for comments.

“It has become very easy for anyone to pin their failure on someone else and accuse anyone of anything without reason or proof. This has to stop. The need of the hour is to be humble, respect the sentiment of the people of Pakistan and work harder next time,” he told The Express Tribune.

In a recent TV interview, singer, Ali Azmat expressed frustration towards the PSL management over his performance being cut short on Thursday’s inaugural ceremony. During the interview, he claimed that a 'rival singer' had commissioned bloggers to start a hate campaign against PSL anthem Tayyar Hain.

When the anchorperson asked him if he was referring to Zafar, Azmat denied it.

Nevertheless, Zafar went on to conclude in his video clip, "having said that, you all can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that I am right here."

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