If I can handle my parents' divorce, I can handle mine: Dia Mirza

The actor has opened up about her divorce in a recent interview

Entertainment Desk February 12, 2020

Actor Dia Mirza recently announced her divorce from now ex-husband Sahil Sangha. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror , Mirza has now talked about how she came to terms with it.

“My privilege as a celebrity doesn’t disallow me pain. I derived strength from my parents’ separation 34 years ago. I told myself that if I could handle it at four-and-a-half, there’s no reason why, at 37, I wouldn’t be able to. Men and women hesitate to take certain decisions because they’re afraid, you have to find the courage to believe that this too shall pass," she said.

Additionally, the actor also clarified that she doesn't hold any grudges following the divorce. “I vent, then return to my serene self. I’ve been meditating since 14 years and my mornings are spent in the building garden", she said.

"Even my home is full of lush greenery, with birds and bees visiting. Otherwise, the city gets to you—so many angry people around, including the media," she continued.

Furthermore, Mirza discussed her experience growing up in a household with different religious backgrounds. "I was allowed to take my adoptive father's surname. My birth certificate has a different name. My passport has both my adoptive and biological father's surnames.  We are an inclusive society and don't care about religion. It's bizzare to paint everything with the same brush", she said adding that her family celebrated all religious festivities.

The actor also  expressed excitement over working on her first Telugu film, Wild Dog, calling it a dream come true. Among other things Mirza also talked about her career as a producer. “No one says that to the actors. They are never too young to produce, no one tells them that your acting career will be over if you get into production", she concluded the interview.

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