Twitter fury over PM Imran's 'sexist' comments for nurses

Country's premier says nurses became heavenly virgins after being administered injection for pain

Social Desk January 28, 2020
Country's premier says nurses became hoors, heavenly virgins, after being administered injection for pain.PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

Prime Minister Imran Khan is no stranger to controversy with the country's premier now having drawn flak for his seemingly sexist comments for nurses.

Addressing a ceremony organised by the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital in Karachi, PM Imran recalled when he fell from a make shift stage during the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) 2013 election campaign.

"A doctor gave me an injection which not only took all the pain away but also made the nurses around me look like hoors [heavenly virgins]," he said.

If PM Imran is to be believed, trees give out oxygen even at night

'At the time I thought there was nothing wrong with me ... I even managed to give a televised speech. But honestly I have no recollection of what I said," PM Imran said to the delight of the audience.

"But when the pain killers effect began to wear off  injection, I asked the doctor for another one.In that state I even threatened him," he went on to say.

Back in 2o13, he delivered an impassioned speech to the nation at the tail end of the general election campaign, in which he urged the public to turn out and vote for his party.

Social media reaction

Footage of his comments soon began doing the rounds on social media.

Pakistan Peoples Party parliamentarian Nafisa Shah also lashed PM Imran saying:"It is offensive and unbecoming of a prime minister of a country to refer to nurses who were treating him as objects of heavenly desire. His statement is highly controversial and mocks the dignified profession of nursing generally."

Journalist Arshad Sharif also heavily criticised Prime Minister Imran Khan's statement saying: "Does the Prime Minister want to convey that nurses are a means to satisfy sexual desires?"

While Kehkashan Awan, another user also hit out at the prime minister deeming his comments as nothing more than an attempt to "objectify women."

"Being a doctor and a woman, yes I would say that these are sexist remarks. Feel some shame before defending such remarks. What if that nurse whom Imran Khan called Hoor and enjoyed her presence is your own sister, mother or daughter?"Ayesha Navid wrote.

"What's the name of this magical injection and where does it come from?" one user of the micro-blogging site commented.

Another user, Razi Khan, wanted to know if this vaccine is applied to every patient or is this facility only for Imran Khan?


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Atsul | 5 months ago | Reply | Recommend In fact the people who are twisting this comment into a sexual thing are themselves with twisted minds. Women are mentioned as Hoors for exceptional beauty, which have nothing to do with sexuality. People who take these comments in a negative/sexual manner really need to look inwards and reevaluate themselves because it's actually they themselves who are twisted because they are the one who think that women is only attracting to men for sexual reasons.
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