Ayeza Khan says the idea of a ‘heroine’ may have changed after ‘Meray Paas Tum Ho’

The actor revealed the reason she accepted the role

Entertainment Desk January 28, 2020

The show might be over but the hype hasn't died quite yet. Meray Paas Tum Ho (MPTH) continues to rule social media each day. This time, it was because of its lead star Ayeza Khan, who penned down a heartfelt note on her Instagram after her fame peaked during the serial.

The actor's appearance on television had remained limited since her marriage to Danish Taimoor in 2014. However, she rose to  new heights with her role as Mehwish in MPTH, a negative character that according to her post, has reinvented for her, the spark of a 'heroin.'

Khan started off by saying, "Mehwish...aik aisa character jo shayad koi karna nai chahta tha isliey kay 'heroine' kabhi buri nai hoskti. Wo ik aisi larki nai hoskti jiss se log nafrat karen (Mehwish was a character that no one wanted to do because of the preconceived notion that a 'heroin' can never be bad. She can never be someone people hate)."

She added, "Heroin humesha bohat masoom hogi, roye gi, cheekhe gi, tarpay gi, bebas hogi, maaf kardenay wali hogi, kuch bhe kregi par kabhi bewafaye nai karegi (A heroin will always be innocent. She will cry, scream, torture herself, be vulnerable, be forgiving and she will do anything but betray her hero)."

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Mehwish! Ik aisa character jo shayd koi karna nai chahta tha, shayad isliey kay “ Heroine” kabhi buri nai hoskti wo ik aisi larki nai hoskti jis se log nafrat krei. Heroin humesha bht masoom hogi, rouaigi, cheekhegi, tarapeigi, bebas hogi, maaf krdenay wali hogi, kuch bhe kregi par kabhi bewafaye nai kregi. Kiou ik “ Heroine”ik aisi larki nai hoskti jo dosri larkio ko yeh batadei kay Mohabbat mei bewaye nai hoti, or jahan bewafai ho waha mohabbat nai hoti. Kisi ki zindage perfect nai hoti, kabhi lgta ha pese kum nai paregi kabhi lagta ha khtm hogaye tu kia krengay, kabhi sochtau ha Maa baap tu humesha sath rhaigay jb wo nai nazar atay tu phr yaad krtay ha, kabhi lgta ha mohabbat nai rahi rishto me phr dekho tu wo he takleef me hath nai chorhtay, ik Maa bankr jb socho tu zindage ko roz jeene k dil krta ha roz unkay lisy kuch krne ka dil krta ha. Bewafaye shohor se hote ha par dil bacho k tootta ha shohor tu jis se nikah kro wo banjaiga par wo kabhi bacho ka baap nai banpaiyga, haan mehwish bannay ka maqsad sirf yh nai tha k jb shohor bewafay krtay tu biwi aisay suffer krti ha yh me kahon tu ik Maa ki kahani the. Or shayd “ Meray pass tum ho “ meray liey humesha ik aisi aurat ki kahani bankr yaad rahiaga jisne aulad ka dil dhukaya wo khush nai raha chahay wo shohar ho ya biwi. Maa baap humesha bacho k liey Aina hotay ha wo jo seekhengy wohi krengay chahay mohabbat ho ya zulm ya ho bewafaye!

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"Kyun aik heroin aisi larki nai hoskti jo dosri larkio ko yeh bataday kay mohabbat mei bewafaye nai hoti or jahan bewafai ho waha mohabbat nai hoti (Why can't a heroin be a woman who shows other women that true love does not betray and if it does, it is not love)."

Khan then explained how human beings can never be perfect either. "Kissi ki zindagi perfect nai hoti - kabhi lagta ha paise kum hain, kabhi lagta ha khatam hogaye tu kia krengay, kabhi sochtay hain maa baap tu humesha saath rahengay, par jab wo nahi nazar atay tou unhen yaad krtay hain (No one's life is perfect. Sometimes we think we don't have enough money and what will we do if it all goes away? Sometimes we think our parents will always be with us, but when they're not there, we miss them)."

She continued, "Kabhi lagta hai mohabbat nai rahi rishto me, phir dekho tou wo he takleef me hath nai chorhtay. Ik maa bankar jab socho tou zindagi ko roz jeene ka dil krta hai, roz unkay liay kuch karne ka dil karta hai (Sometimes we think love has left our relationships, then the same people don't leave us alone when we're down. Sometimes, when we think as a mother, we feel like living again and doing something new for our children every day)."

Khan then subtly addressed her character, along with the storyline of MPTH. "Bewafaye shohar se hote hai, par dil bacho ka toot ta hai. Shohar tu jis se nikkah karay uska banjaiga, par wo kabhi bacho ka baap nai banpaiyga (We cheat on our husbands but the children suffer. The husband remains who he is after marriage but fails to become to father)," she said.

"Haan, Mehwish bannay ka maqsad sirf yeh nai tha ke jab shohor bewafai karay tau biwi suffer karti hai. Main kahon tu aik maa ki kahani thi yeh. Or shayad Meray Paas Tum Ho, meray liey humesha aik aisi aurat ki kahani banker rahiaga jisne aulad ka dil dhukaya. Woh khush nai raha, chahay wo shohar ho ya biwi (Being Mehwish wasn't just about showing that women won't put up with infidelity. I'd say MPTH was the story of mother. For me, it will always be the story of a mother who broke her child's heart)."

Khan finally concluded that she took up the role of Mehwish was to highlight the impact parents have on their children. "Maa baap humesha bacho k liye aina hotay hain. Wo jo seekhaenge, bachay wohi krenge. Chahay wo mohabbat ho, zulm ho, ya bewafayee (Parents are a mirror for their children. What they do will be replicated, whether its love, torture or betrayal."

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