Centi-billionaire Jeff Bezos slammed for his petty donation to Australian bushfire crisis

The Amazon CEO's net worth grew by $3.5 billion from October to January

Tech Desk January 14, 2020
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

The world's richest person, Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos has come under fire for his company’s measly $690,000 donation to the Australian wildfire recovery effort.

The devastating Australian bushfire has destroyed nearly 9.9 million acres of land and at least 1,400 homes so far.

With celebrities and social media influencers taking an active role in raising funds, Jeeff Bezos also made a contribution.

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In a statement posted on Instagram, Bezos said: “Our hearts go out to all Australians as they cope with these devastating bushfires.”

"Amazon is donating 1 million AU dollars  ($690,000) in needed provisions and services."


However, the efforts went down the drain when people fired back at his donation, the reason being that according to Business Insider’s estimate this is less than what he made every five minutes in 2018 and hence the amount seems peanuts in front of his yearly fortune.

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According to Forbes, Bezos' net worth grew by $3.5 billion from October to January which means that at this rate his net worth grew by $34 million per day, which boils down to $23,600 per minute and on average $690,000, on every 30 minutes.

Hence the petty donation did not account for much and became an instant subject of online trolling;


This article originally published on Business Insider.


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