Will Shah Rukh Khan ever don the director's hat?

'If I become a director I may become lonely and sad,' says Shah Rukh Khan

Entertainment Desk December 11, 2019

Shah Rukh Khan recently made an appearance on an international chat show where he expressed his plans as a director in the future and what scares him about the prospect.

Appearing on the Talking Movies show with Tom Brook, the star revealed his hesitation about being in the director’s chair, sharing how he feels that being a director is, in fact, an extremely lonely job and how he fears getting detached from his regular way of living if he were to ever don a director’s hat.

Shah Rukh Khan talks to Tom Brook. Photo File: Shah Rukh Khan talks to Tom Brook.

“Here you are kind of playing God, you are making a film, you are telling actors how to act, choosing the dialogues, making the script, selling it to the audience, going into theaters, editing it in dark rooms. When the film comes out you are all alone in the success and failure of it. I think being a director is an extremely lonely job,” said Khan, shedding light on the oft forgotten plight of directors, who usually take the backseat and are not given a second thought for all their hard work.

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He went on to mention how he already feels reclusive owing to his massive stardom around the globe, however he clarified the major difference that he feels would arise; if he were to ever become a director, that is. “Being a star already has made me a very reclusive or quieter in my own space. Right now I feel alone and happy. If I become a director I may become lonely and sad," he said.


King Khan also talked about his favorite director and who he wants to emulate when he ‘grows up’. “I want to grow up and be Christopher Nolan. But I don’t know if I have the gumption,” he revealed, also saying that his first directorial would probably be an action movie. “"I would like to direct an action film. The big problem with me is I don’t know when to say OK. And the director’s big job is a roll, camera, action, cut, OK. I don’t know how to say OK. I feel it can be better or was it good enough. So I am a little wary of being a director," he elaborated.

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Shah Rukh Khan was last seen in 2018’s Zero alongside Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif, which failed to deliver at the box office despite the powerful star value attached to it.

Safe to say, an SRK directorial would be one for the books, even if only for his name being on the cards and we would love to see him try his Midas touch on directing too!

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