Family denies receiving ransom call from Dua’s kidnappers

Police appeal to citizens for help after having failed to make any headway in the case

​ Our Correspondent December 06, 2019

KARACHI: As the abducted 19-year-old Dua Mangi’s family denied the rumours of having received a ransom call, police appealed to citizens on Thursday to help them locate the missing girl.

In a statement issued by Karachi Police, the law enforcement agency has appealed to the citizens to share any information related to the kidnapping on the Madagar-15 helpline.

Meanwhile, Dua’s family has criticised Sindh Police and the provincial government for their failure in recovering the abducted girl, claiming that the rumours of ransom are being spread to divert attention from the protests demanding Dua’s recovery and to cover up the authorities’ failure.

The police and government have performed poorly, said Advocate Keenjhar Sindh, a cousin of Dua.

People protest in Karachi as no headway in Dua Mangi’s kidnapping case

“It is fake news and mental torture for the family,” she added. Both her parents are in trauma and Dua’s mother is waiting for her daughter to be recovered safely, said Sindhu, adding that the abducted girl’s mother is unable to eat and sleep properly.

Sindhu said that four kidnappers were involved in the abduction that took place in one of the most secure areas of the city. The police have, however, failed to solve the case and haven’t been able to locate the culprits, the advocate added. She alleged that police are not serious about recovering Dua.


A protest demonstration was held at Teen Talwar on Tuesday by Dua’s family, which was joined by civil society activists, political figures, students, lawyers and journalists. The protest was called off after about three hours, with the protesters giving an ultimatum of 48 hours to the police and the provincial government to recover Dua safely. If not, a protest will be staged out the Chief Minister House, they said.

“We will gather outside the CM House today [on Friday] in case they don’t recover Dua,” Sindhu warned. “The family and friends have decided to march towards the CM House and cordon off the building till they recover our sister.”

In addition, lawyers staged a separate demonstration outside Karachi Press Club, demanding Dua’s recovery.

Dua Mangi's abduction releases social media vitriol against her

“We demand that Dua be recovered safely and the culprits are arrested,” said Advocate Javed Sangi, one of the protesters. He said that police should take prompt action against the criminals, adding that the incidents of girls’ kidnapping and murder are being reported from across Sindh. “It is the state’s responsibility to ensure the safety of citizens,” said Sangi.

Meanwhile, another protest was held by civil society and political activists in Gulshan-e-Hadeed. The protestors demanded the early and safe recovery of Dua Mangi.

According to the spokesperson of Karachi Police, the law enforcement agency is trying its best to recover Dua safely. He said that the police had recovered several abductees in the past and arrested the kidnappers.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 6th, 2019.


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