Actor Ali Rehman Khan lashes out at cashier in leaked video

"Do you know who I am?" asked the 'Heer Maan Ja' actor in a rather condescending tone

November 23, 2019

In a recent turn of events, a video showing popular actor Ali Rehman Khan has leaked on social media and is currently making waves on Twitter.

The reasons behind the actor's anger are currently unknown, given the video takes off from the middle of an argument. The celebrity can be seen standing in front of a food counter of a local restaurant screaming at a cashier referring to something he may have said.

"Am I joking with you? Do you talk like this to every man who comes here?" The cashier meekly responds to him saying, "Sir, please don't be upset"

His response, however, is followed by Rehman's million dollar question, which appeared rather threatening "Do you know who I am? To which the cashier responds again by saying, "Sir I was not joking with you."

However, this does not prevent Rehman from reiterating his point which is, "Do you know who I am? Have you ever seen me on television?" The question is followed by another "please don't be upset, Sir"

Regardless, something really seems to have ticked off the actor as he continues to school the cashier, "Don't be upset? You are an employee and it is your job to do whatever I say."

"I agree Sir," responds the cashier as Rehman's voice overpowers his, yet again, "All of these people are doing their job here."

The argument concludes abruptly when the cashier tries to calm him down again, after which the Heer Maan Ja actor says "I'm paying," and apparently realises that he is being recorded.

Nevertheless, Twitter seems to be extremely upset with the celebrity, calling him 'manner-less' and the video a 'revelation' of his 'true face'. While some users claimed that the other side of the story has not come out.

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Humza | 1 year ago | Reply We are all human. We really don't know what the cashier did to cause Ali Rahman Khan to take issue but Ali Rahman is very correct. He is the customer and we need to improve customer service in Pakistan. I don't find anything wrong in what he said or did. I have noted that staff and cashiers are not only discourteous but also very poor in customer service in Pakistan.
Dr. Asad Sadick | 1 year ago | Reply By the way who is Mr. Ali Rehman? Is it relevant for the staff to know him, serving a Burger. What arrogance...shameful
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