Mehwish Hayat's 'leaked video' sparks #RevokeMehwishHayatCivilAward trend on Twitter

The actor refused to comment on Kashmir at a recent event

Entertainment Desk September 30, 2019

Mehwish Hayat has been quite vocal when it comes to speaking against Indian atrocity on Kashmir of late. The actor has openly called out fellow artists from the other side of the border who have supported the Indian army's activities in Kashmir. However, she has come under fire on social media after a snippet from a recent interview of hers went viral.

Talking to Express News, Hayat was asked to make a comment about Kashmir. To this, the Chhalawa star responded saying, "Nothing about Kashmir! I've been asked not to speak about Kashmir here."

Soon after the video went viral on Twitter, a hashtag #RevokeMehwishHayatCivilAward started trending. Many called out the actor for her 'selective activism.'

Hayat then took to Twitter to share her stance on the matter. "The leaked video is being taken out of context. I’ve been the most vocal on the Kashmir issue globally and will continue to do so. I have big plans for the next steps," she said. "This was a charity event and I was requested by the PR not to be political and distract people from the orphans I was there to help."

However, others came out and supported Hayat too. "Leave Mehwish Hayat alone. Stop taking bits from videos and ascribing your own meanings. This obsession with sensationalism," Mehr Tarar shared. "Try to be rational once in a while. It doesn't hurt! If Mehwish had been asked by God-knows-who to not talk about Kashmir, would she reveal that on camera?"

Iqrarul Hassan also voiced his support for the Mein Punjab Nahi Jaungi beauty. "It’s the dream of every Pakistani artist to work in Bollywood but recently, Mehwish Hayat proved by criticising Indian policies that she loves her country more than her career. We all know she has always been vocal about Kashmir and India."

Shehzad Roy, too, stood beside Hayat. "The way you articulated the human rights violation in Kashmir and passionately promoted Pakistan, and the way it was reported in the international media, makes me a proud Pakistani. As colleagues, we are behind you. You don’t have to give clarifications for any leaked video."

Hayat has previously called out Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra for her stance on Kashmir.

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Extreme Limit | 1 year ago | Reply She is the only actress who spoke for Kashmir on international fora. This leaked video is not an international forum. It is mean to vilify her ignoring her strong stance on Kashmir. So far Tamgha I Imtiyaz is concerned she is not the only actress who received it. There are several showbiz persons who has been awarded with Tamgha I Imtiyaz for this category like Saba Qamar, Sami Khan, Ghayoor Akhtar, Atif Aslam, Hadiqa Kiyani etc, and none of them has uttered a word on Kashmir. Should they also be demanded to give their Tamghas which was not awarded for any national reason but from art and showbiz category? She has clearly explained that Event Management did not want any other issue to overshadow the topic of the event. As Kashmir is the most important issue nowadays and if fully capable to overlap any other issue it seems logical demand. I hope my comment will not be deleted.
AJ | 1 year ago | Reply Let's not vilify her based on one inconsequential moment. Her stance on Kashmir has been persistent throughout and well-documented for everyone to see. As far as the Civil Award is concerned, that shouldn't have been given to her in the first place. The responsibility lies with the award-giving body/personality. However, Mehwish Hayat is not to be blamed in any of this.
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