Woman confronts harasser on bus to Islamabad; video goes viral

Woman was on her seat when she realised that the tingling on her back was a man trying to force himself on her

Entertainment Desk September 26, 2019

A video of a woman slapping a man who sexually harassed her on a bus from Multan to Islamabad has gone viral.

The video that was initially made public by a Facebook user Zahra Nain,  shows an elderly man apologising while the woman in the video accuses him of "constantly touching her back." According to the Facebook post, the woman initially didn't realise that someone was touching her due to the 'tingling feel' she is used to getting on her back because of a herniated disc. It was after someone tried to take off her dupatta that she felt a force on her body that she figured out that he was allegedly molesting her.

As soon as the video went public, several other platforms also shared it, condemning the elderly man who harassed her and lauding the woman for taking charge of the situation.

Social media has been on fire since then:


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Talha | 1 year ago | Reply | Recommend She has deleted the video from her timeline and answer is very simple that act of her was only to get some cheap publicity and in my opinion that gentle man was actually a victim and its propaganda against religious looking man by a feminist activists. Please brothers and sisters be careful because of beard there is a lot character assassination done in past as well and this time again it was a swear attempt i suppose . Not every time a women is right and that 45 sec clip is not an evidence to assassinate some one's character we don't even know about the other side of the story. ALLAH knows batter .
Mohsin | 1 year ago | Reply | Recommend He might have touched by accident. He was about to explain himself when the lady started abusing and slapping. He is clearly shocked by what is happening. It is impossible that he tried to grab her with force and tried to take off her dupatta in presence of so many people. no one supported most probably because they didn't see anything otherwise we know people never miss any chance to let out there anger. Hope to see some legal case instead of social media stunts. We heard only one side of the story. Let us hear the man's explanation and what other passengers say. Shouldn't judge by a 40 seconds video that only had abuses and slaps.
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