Truce made between warring tribes

Published: August 17, 2019


WANA: The truce between the two tribes in South Waziristan has prevailed after interference from local notables of the tribal district. The district administration had failed to deliver peace after bloody skirmishes between the Waziri Dotani and Mehsud Ahmedzai tribes. A Jirga of both sides has called the elders of the armed groups of both sides on Friday and asked them to vacate the trenches, removed heavy and light weapons of the posts. The clash had occurred over a piece of land, which had been declared no-man land good only for public use like school, hospital or any other government installation. However, during operation when people were evicted, one of the tribes encroached on it. A month ago tensions mounted on demands for evacuating it leading to armed clashed that claimed four lives. The Jirga members were authorised to give a details judgment on the disputed land within 10 days, while both sides were asked to restrain from taking a position against each other.  

Published in The Express Tribune, August 17th, 2019.

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