Actors recall why Mohsin's exposé was a long time coming

Published: July 22, 2019

Fatema Sohail, the wife of singer-cum-actor Mohsin Abbas Haider came out with allegations of domestic violence against him on late Saturday night.

The news spread like wildfire on social media as many celebrities came forward to condemn domestic abuse. While some extended support to her, others only confirmed what she shared.

The likes of Gohar Rasheed, Dua Malik, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Humaima Malick spoke up on how they knew about the incidents before. Here’s what they have to say:

Gohar Rasheed



“The injustice that took place with Fatema Sohail… I was a second hand witness to it in 2018 when my friend took Fatema to the hospital after she had been beaten up by Mohsin Abbas Haider. Through her, I got to know the whole story. Fatema is like a sister to me,” the Rangreza actor tweeted.

“SHE wanted to save her marriage and ensure the health of her baby so we respected that and kept quiet. But now, since she is out with the truth herself, more power to you Fatema,” added Gohar. “I wanted to say that men like Mohsin are a threat to society. I don’t see him just as a spineless, pathetic sick human being. I see him as a danger. She needs justice and he needs help.”

Hamza Ali Abbasi 



“Have never met her but everything Fatema Sohail/Gohar Rasheed said is true. He told me about it as Fatima’s friends, including him, were trying to help her as she went to the hospital after being beaten up by Mohsin, while she was pregnant with his child,” the actor added. “There is absolutely no religious, cultural, emotional, psychological or any other excuse for beating your pregnant wife.”

Hamza remarked, “We need to make a horrible example of Mr Mohsin for all those men who dare raise their hand on the female servants of Allah and try to justify it!”

“Having been a witness to all this, Fatema sahiba speaks the truth. Disappointed to see Mr Mohsin’s response. At that time, she was pregnant, traumatised, wanted to save her marriage and so stayed silent. I am glad Allah finally gave Fatema strength to speak up,” concluded the actor.

Dua Malik


“I am sure to say I’m the only witness in this industry. I kept this fire in my heart for three years. I’ve seen him beating the sh*t out of his wife on the road and what not,” Dua shared in a now deleted post. “I have seen him harassing her so much that she didn’t speak to her family and friends for years. It’s only me she used to call and I used to tell her to pick up some courage and speak up.”

She added, “Women are not rehabs.”

Humaima Malick 


“I’m a witness,” Humaima corroborated Dua’s statement. “Dua used to call me and tell me how painful it was for her to listen to Fatima Sohail and her suffering from pain it’s been three years… I wish Fatema did this before what she did now.”

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  • Fever
    Jul 23, 2019 - 12:00PM

    This is extremely controversial now. All these people knew about what was happening, but did nothing. Goes on to show how celebrities will only support a ’cause’ when it’s popular. Not impressed by these delayed revelations. Not assuming they are true either. Recommend

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