'1992 mein bhi..': Twitter reacts to spooky World Cup campaign similarities

Published: June 27, 2019


‘1992 mein bhi yeh hi huwa tha..’ 

It may only be a coincidence that Pakistan’s current World Cup campaign is going down a similar path as their 1992 winning campaign, but for most in the country (and on the internet), it’s a sure-shot sign that winning the 2019 Cricket World Cup is Pakistan’s destiny.

An identical sequence of wins and losses, and other eerie parallels have struck a chord with millions of fans who believe that Pakistan could come out on top once again.

With the parallels mirroring the same track the national team took 26 years ago, what may have intially started out as a joke, is now becoming surreal as the team marches on in its quest to lift the trophy once again.

There was a similar run-out in match 7 in 1992 too!

Look it up if you don’t believe it!

People bringing out the real life comparisons 

Real life footage of all Pakistanis right now

This got a little too dark, too quickly..

All the signs are there!

Nasser Hussain has spoken. Pack your bags everyone else, Pakistan’s winning this!

Pakistanis everywhere doing their best not to jinx the team

Might be getting a little too carried away but as long as it points to Pakistan winning, we’re here for it!

Someone’s trying to bring logic to this. Did they not get the memo?

Ahmer Naqvi was single in 1992 too. We’re surely winning!

We’ve all become believers…


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  • israr
    Jun 27, 2019 - 2:21PM

    Instead of call it spokey we should call is Will of Allah, i know all the believers already know what i am talking about, its also for non believers to understand
    yes it is almost same or similar, however all of us has to understand one basic and most important thing, Allah got us to win the worldcup and now again we are all done dusted finished … Alla has shown us the path the light the faith must be high and we all must understand “koeey to hai jo nizaam e hasti chala raha hai wohi Khuda hai” Recommend

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