Tamaasha turns new song ‘Paisa Phenk’ into campaign for unpaid artists

Celebs such as Fawad Khan have also joined the campaign

Haddiqua Siddiqui June 25, 2019

KARACHI: Tamaasha, the band, started its musical career from Pepsi Battle of the Bands (BoB) season three. The group sang Aaroh's Raag Neela in front of its lead vocalist, Farooq Ahmed and there has been no stopping these boys since.

They stunned the judges with their performances and earned well-deserved standing ovations in different episodes throughout the season.

However, much to their dismay, they did not get to take the winner trophy home. While this was particularly due to the lack of votes, Tamaasha's musical trajectory has been on a high of late.

Known for the fiery attitude of its members, Tamaasha recently released a teaser of its new song Paisa Phenk.

The song sheds light on one of the many problems that artists face in the Pakistani industry - payments.

The band shared a post on its official Facebook page, explaining the theme of the song that explores how artists from across the country are either not paid or underpaid for their individual art forms.

The post reads, "For too long have artists in Pakistan struggled to make a living, to find the right platform and forced to work for 'exposure'! With the launch of our debut single, Tamaasha calls on the artist community of Pakistan to rise up and get their voices heard!"

Through Paisa Phenk, Tamaasha aims to provide artists with a platform where they can voice their concerns about the ills of the industry.

"You can be a musician, an artist, a writer, a designer, a photographer, or a practitioner of any art form whatsoever! Support the #PaisaPhenk movement if you believe you deserve greater opportunities, adequate compensation, or simply believe that artists in Pakistan deserve RESPECT," the post further states.

Actor and Judge on BoB, Fawad Afzal Khan called it a 'self-titled' song and wished the boys good luck in a video shared on social media.


The band is now encouraging artists to share their struggles with the world. Anas Lutfi, the lead guitarist tweeted saying, "Artists are human beings; encouraging and respecting them will definitely lead to the world we need!" - SHARE YOUR STORY at .

Guitarist Zahid Qureshi also tweeted, "For people trying to make a living out of their art, they need to get paid. Some do, a lot don't. Time to change that."

Artists from different walks of life have shown support for the song and the movement it has now turned into. Many are also featured in the video of the song.

Sarah Awan, a choreographer and dancer based in Lahore is in favour of the campaign. She has studied dance in her hometown of Oxford and is proficient in Hip-Hop, contemporary, vogue, street-dance, ballroom, tango and mime.

Anarchy, a reconciliation of two well-known dance crews; Junior Jabbz and Fresh Souls are based in Karachi. The group breaks traditional norms of dancing in Pakistan by representing Hip-Hop and Urban style dancing together. They tweeted in support of the 'Paisa Phenk' movement  too.

No wonder the band is musically influenced by Pakistani heavyweights Junoon and Mauj.

You can watch the teaser of the song here:


Tamaasha is set to release their debut single, Paisa Phenk in the coming week.

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